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About me blogs have a unique way of engaging and informing the visitors, as they do everything in a more personal manner.

Having a good looking blog is very important because it will display your professionalism.

About me blog speaks about the whole blog itself as well as the blogger who runs it. That is why experienced bloggers spend a whole lot of time in making their About Me pages.

Having a good looking blog is essential, bit it’s not always the main thing and the only thing.

If you have a very beautiful blog but your content is very poor, then the design means nothing. It is of no use.

No doubt blog design is crucial to attract people, but a good content is the most important thing.

A poorly written content will always drive your visitors away as soon as they arrive. Having a nice looking blog with great content is important, but there is also one thing which is very essential for a blog owner or someone who are looking for information on the internet and that is About Me blog.

It is one of the very first thing that every new visitor will go to once they land on any site.

So your About Me blog should be impressive, attractive and well created. It must contain all the essential information about your blog which will make your readers stay on your site.

It should tell your visitors about who you are, what you do, what the blog is all about and what’s in it for them. This will give them a good reason to stay.

Apart from this, your blog must also contain some social proof, testimonials and other information that your readers can easily relate to.

23 Examples Of Fabulous About Me Blog Examples

  •  Moz
The Moz Story

Moz was found in the year 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig. It is indeed unique and visually appealing. It includes many things that will make it stand out of the crowd.

It shares the milestones using a fun and clean design that incorporates concise blurbs, clear headers, and little graphics to break up the text.

Don’t be afraid to share your ups and downs with your customers, as they trust what you say and this speaks that honesty and humbleness can play your customers.

  •  Social Triggers
About Social Triggers

Derek Halpern is the owner of Social Triggers.

He is one of the most popular blogger on the internet that talks about selling and marketing products using human psychology.

His about page is very well designed and also contains simple navigation buttons that can take you directly to the sections that you want to visit.

This is a very unique feature that is offered by social triggers. It also contains customer testimonials as you should always remember that your decision is mostly based on what others are saying and not what seller has said about their products.

You should include your clients saying about your products and services in your About Page.

  •  Mirasee
About Mirasee

The owner of Mirasee us Danny Iny. He is also popular for his Fire pole marketing blog. His about page is very well organized, arranged and contains all the necessary information that every visitor wants to see.

It is one of the best about page on the internet. Initially he explains about what his domain stands for and the reason behind choosing Mirasee as his blog’s domain name.

After that, there is paragraph with a big bold heading that will enable you to know if this blog is for you or not.

What makes Mirasee different and unique is that it connects you with their team. It mentions the names, pictures, and positions of all the people that runs the Mirasee blog.

  •  Bulldog Skincare
About Bulldog Skincare

Bulldog, a men’s skincare company was named a dog because a dog is a men’s best friend and have typed a few paragraphs in their blog about where the brand came from and how they redefine and eliminate stereotypes around men’s grooming.

It’s About page is quite colourful, lovable and memorable. It provides great information and stay true to a company’s unique brand voice.

The main purpose of its products is to help customers from waking up with the wrinkly face, you will see when you visit its website.

  • Backlinko
About Backlinko

Backlinko was found by Brian Dean. It is the most famous single author SEO blog. Brian hardly publishes new content, it’s average posts per month is only five.

But when he does, you will definitely know about it. Brian main approach is quality over quantity, so he doesn’t do things by halves. If you want to know how to get your readers engrossed, you should definitely check Brian’s About page.

Everything in his blog is straight to the point. He doesn’t need to convince his visitors as he strikes a deal in the very first paragraph.

If you agree with the deal, then it will tell you how this blog can help you to grow your business.

  •  Stuart Walker
About Stuart Walker

He runs the most popular Niche Hacks blog. It is one of the best blogs in niche blogging. His about page is a complete home of hot niche ideas.

His blog page mentions everything about him like all the blogs he has been featured using their logos, his achievements in affiliate marketing, all the awards he has won as a blogger and what other famous bloggers are saying about him.

It makes a positive impression on the visitors and helps them to get convinced. Also, it is not necessary that testimonials always need famous people, non famous testimonials also work quite well.

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  • Joe Payton.
About Joe Payton

Joe’s illustrative self portrait gives him a personal brand that visitors will remember. It also demonstrates it’s expertise as an animator and a designer.

It’s About Me page reflect confidence, creativity and is very easy to skim.

His website visitors can learn what he does and why he does in a very easy way.

Expressing your values as a creative professional in a well-organized page is something that is desired by everyone which are creating their own about page.

  •  Xo Sarah
About Xo Sarah

Sarah’s About page is very simple, concise and straight forward. The moment you click on the page, it will tell you everything about who her About page is and what is it all about.

She uses very interesting and beautiful images on her page which are not fake or photo shopped.

Using fake images on your About page does not create any good impression on your readers, rather using original pictures let’s your audience see what exactly you are.

It helps in building trust and originality often impress most of the readers.

  •  Tim Ferriss
Tim Ferriss

Tim is the brain behind the popular blog 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Body. He has an excellent blog that inspires a lot of people.

Tim Ferriss is a very simple and to the point blog page. When you visit his page, the first thing that you will see is a quote that tells everything about the whole persona of Tim and his blog. He also uses social proof and references from some of the most popular sites and organizations.

  • Melyssa Griffin
About Melyssa Griffin

It is a very simple and decent About page. Many things can catch attention of someone to read your blog page.

The one thing that attract your attention are the pictures that she is using.

They are very colourful, high quality and engaging. The most important thing that every About page must have is humanizing your blog page. She has done an amazing job to do so.

The moment you enter into the page, you will immediately know if it’s for you or not.

  • Apptopia
About Apptopia

The About page of Apptopia skips the business babble. Nowadays, people want and appreciate straight talk about what your business can do or can’t do to figure our will they need your product or service or not.

This is what they do in their About page. They provide information in a simple and polished language in order to communicate effectively.

So, always to get rid of jargon in About page whenever possible and rather use short and punchy sentences to explain your products and ideas.

  • Yellow Leaf Hammocks
About Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks tells its users about the products by describing how the Hammocks empower artisan weavers and their families.

They combine words, easily understandable graphics, painting a picture instead of long paragraphs and texts. A story works harder for your business rather than a generic one.

Every company has a story to tell, so bring out your story telling skills using gorgeous graphics, descriptive and emotive copy.

  • Eight Hour Day
About Eight Hour Day

People used to think that About Me pages must sound formal in order to gain trust and credibility. But mostly people find it easier to trust real human beings rather than a summary that sounds like it came from an automation.

Instead Eight Hour Day presents the people behind the company and humanizes it’s brand.

It introduces the founders of the page by name and featuring the photos of them, so that it always sound friendly and real.

  • Doomtree
About Doomtree

Doomtree is built on an innovative concept. It’s About page shows, tells and has a soundtrack.

It combines a group of talented artists having completely different careers, but still they come together on a regular basis to create great music.

It is not just a band, it is a crew. It’s an unconventional concept with an interesting back story of how they started everything as a mess of friends, fooling around after school and trying to make music without reading the manuals.

It’s About page is full of big and bold photos of those friends. It treats its users in a more interactive way with its crew’s tracks and music videos. It offers its site visitors a great mobile experience.

  • Aja Frost
About Aja Frost

Aja is a very own SEO strategist at HubSpot. She brings the same ingenuity to her website’s About page as she brings to the company.

Aja is a data driven professional and knows her own clients as a freelance writer and strategist.

Her About Me page tells a story of her career growth at an impressive line graph that shows the result of an SEO strategy that she implemented for her HubSpot blog.

In the last, she closes her about page with a personal note on how she spends her spare time.

It is always a good thing to humanize yourself in the eyes of your audience and potential customers.

  • Kero one
About Kero One

Kero One is a DJ and a hip hop artist from San Francisco. His about page gives a valuable lesson to personal brands who have different audience that speaks different languages.

His story starts at his childhood when he was six years old. He discovered his passion and love for hip hop.

His About page tells his story in different languages, first in English, then in Japanese, then in Korean and then in Chinese. It’s multilingual thing makes Kero One’s different from others.

  • Cultivated Wit
About Cultivated Wit

Cultivated wit is a creative agency that tells an edgy name as well as an incredibly fun story through videos right on its home page.

You don’t really need to wait for your users to get there in order to make a statement. Sometimes you need to break the mold to showcase your company’s personality.

That’s exactly what Cultivated Wit does. Apart from this, there are plenty of ways to showcase your company’s personality throughout your entire website.

It always has a sign it pays off for your brand.

  • Nike
About Nike

Nike began on the university campus of Oregon with the help of college coach, Bill Bowerman. It might seem a big company that inspires small businesses, but it still has an About page.

May be the brand is very big today but it is all about the rising stars, which Nike depends on to. It tells in its about page to expand human potential.

Knowing your audience very well and making it obvious to the audience the instant they read about you and your business in your website.

  • Marie Catribs
About Marie Catribs

About me pages must be unique a d exceptional. It is the most important part of every website. Even if don’t have budget for juicy videos and graphics, then too there are many other ways to make your about page unexpected and exceptional.

Marie Catribs is a restaurant but still it has made it’s about page in an unconventional way. Sometime it’s okay to make mistakes and create mess because only experiments can lead to beautiful things.

  • Refinery29
About Refinery29

 Not only just the About page, every area of your business is important. Every single thing provides an opportunity to break the mold.

Many companies only add a short and simple mission statement or company’s profile, but people often want a complete wall of text that explains about you, your business and what you offer.

Refinery29 broke this system to provide the intangible qualities that are difficult to include in an About page.

It does introduce its page by providing information about it’s business and it’s mission, but there is also an essence, a promise and a vibe that it keeps.

  • Marc Ensign
About Marc Ensign

The owner of this blog is expert in two things. First he takes his work very seriously but do not take himself too seriously. He does these things super well.

A good marketer always knows that there is a value in keeping a casual tone while creating a content, but in order to induce more and more customers, you need to prove that you maintain a proper discipline and integrity.

Of course it is very hard to maintain balance between both the things.

Marc Ensign maintains the balance between friendly and formal very well with a confident statement followed by an amazing smiley picture of himself.

  • Sara Dietschy
About Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy is a professional YouTube content creator. She has a collection of bundle of videos related to technology and culture. She expresses that diversity all over his About page.

Although he has variety of content but still she aligns with her personal brand.

In addition to the amazing self portrait, she tells you in her very first sentence about the number of subscribers she has on her channel.

This will help potential video collaborators and advertisers to know how much exposure you will get by working with her or advertising on her channel.

  • Sarah Nuren
About Sarah Nuren

Sarah Nuren is life coach and has one of the best website templates. The About Me of Sarah Nuren is an example of how individualized an approach can be to create such a great website section.

The formula for success of this page lies in the high quality natural pictures, frank and convincing copy, clam shades, credible reviews and an abstract background which helps you to not to distract from the essence.

On Sarah website, you are allowed to modify any blocks or can completely change the design of any element of your website.


These are 20+ about me blog examples for you. I hope you have understood the about me concept. It is good to mention about me or about us page to represent the brand in a proper format. It also helps readers to know your website as a brand and engage with your valuable content.

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