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How can I get great blog content ideas? What is engaging content to get high traffic?
Are you too stuck in this question?
Well, this is normal with everyone. Even sometimes, I’m stuck in this question. However, I have found a solution for it and today I’ll share blog content ideas that can grow your traffic to boost your business.
I have 7 different blog content ideas to attract readers to read and share your content with their friends.

1.Textual Content

Textual content is necessary for bloggers. But, you need to know the minimum length of content to be ranked in search engines.

This is a basic content idea for blogs and most bloggers focus on this content.
According to research, a minimum of 2000 words is necessary for good rankings.
Google indexes content more than 2000 words and help you rank high.

Quality Information

We must provide the necessary information for our readers. This will grow the trust and eventually they love to learn from your blogs.

Remember, your content should be unique and attractive. The focus should be providing value to your readers than focusing on growing traffic.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is making your content useful for your readers or audience.
You can either create content that readers like or find the audience for your content.
This infographic will elaborate on your confusion.

Content-centric vs Audience-centric

How to get good rankings?

Newbie bloggers usually face this problem. You need to know the ninja technique to have good search engine rankings.

i.Keyword Research

There’s a simple trick to rank high. You simply need to visit Ubersuggest.
This is a free tool for keyword research.

Keyword Reaseach

You need to type the keyword and this tool will provide you monthly search volume and it’s SEO difficulty.
You can also find related keyword ideas to use in your blogs to get search engine rankings.

Keyword Ideas

Also, you need to add LSI keywords in it. Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is semantic words related to your primary keyword.
Google uses these words to determine quality content to rank in search engines.
One of the popular tools to generate LSI keywords is LSI Graph.
These were some blog content ideas for textual content. You can use this to grow your blog.


Infographics are one of the popular sources to represent information in graphical format.

Infographic is one of the best blog content idea among other ideas.
This is an infographic to explain the effectiveness of an infographic.

The Power Of Visual Content

Infographics are an ingenious way to convey data quickly and clearly, boost brand equity and drive traffic to your blog.
You can offer readers amazing information in a graphical format so that they’ll love to share on social media.
Infographic is a great blog content idea to increase website traffic and blog engagement.

How to create engaging Infographic?

Well, you learned what importance of infographic is. Now, I’ll show you to create a high-engaging infographic for your blog.
Before I show you, you need to know where you can find popular and trending content for creating an infographic.
You simply need to visit Buzzsumo and type your keyword. It’ll show social shares that are trending for that keyword.

Content Ideas

The more social shares, the more effective will be your infographic.
Once you have decided on the subject, you need to head towards creating an infographic.
Crazy Egg shows infographic blocks to create your graphic.

Crazy Egg Infographic

You can simply add the content in it and you are done with your graphic.
You can also create an infographic on popular tools like Canva or Infogram.
Also, allow your readers to use your infographic on their websites.
This will increase your popularity and you can get a quality backlink for your blog.
Also, I’ll show you how color psychology helps to drive the attention of your viewers.

This graphic shows color psychology, which will help you use it in your graphic.

Colour Meaning

You need to add an embed code option to allow readers to embed your infographic.

Embed Code

You can create embed code by two methods.
Method 1: You need to install a plugin called WP Embed Code Generator.
Method 2: You can use SiegeMedia Embed Code Generator
You can use any of these methods to add embed code for your infographic.
I hope this blog content idea was helpful to you. If you need any further help, you can comment below.
Let’s move to the next content idea.

3.High-Quality Images

Now, this is somewhat similar to infographics. But, here my focus on images than graphics.
Visuals help your readers to remember than textual content.
Researchers have found that images are stored as long-term memory. Images help to grow your brand and website engagement.

Visuals help messages more interesting and help communication with your readers or customers.

It's All About The Images

This is a graphic showing the importance of images for your brand or blog.
Researchers have found the human brain grabs more information quickly through images.

Text vs Visual

I hope you have understood the importance of images in blogs.

4.Promo Videos

One of the popular blog content ideas is adding promo videos in the article.
I have statistics showing an increase in sales using different content.

% Sales Increase

Promo videos are promoting your brand. It’s not about describing any process or concept. But, you simply tell people what is your business? What you create? What do you sell?
You can also include intro videos of your brand in the article. This can increase your brand awareness.
You can create promo videos in this way. Powtoon has created a great promo video to promote their brand.

Promo videos are a collection of pictures to promote your brand and increase your business.

5.Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help to describe a concept in detail and visual format.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are helpful and people love to learn from videos than texts. It is one of the creative blog content idea for more web traffic.
I have created a small infographic explaining the effectiveness of an explainer video.

4 Reasons To Use Explainer Videos

An explainer video is typically made of length 1 minute to 5 minutes. Usually, explainer videos are a combination of motion graphics and animation.

Motion Graphics

Best 4 tools to create explainer videos

i) FlexClip

FlexClip is a powerful explainer video maker that helps you easily create an explainer video to tell the company story or explain your products or services.

You can customize the business explainer video templates with powerful editing tools. Add your background music, company logo and animated effects to your videos to enrich your explainer video.


Powtoon is a popular tool to create animated videos. It has a huge collection of templates to create your own video.
You can also create your own video by adding pictures, music to your video.


You can select the type of video you want to create. You can add your content and create a great explainer video for your brand.


Renderforest is a tool to create your brand logo, videos and many more.
You can select the type of video and this tool offers a variety of scenes you like to add in your videos.

You can add your texts, images in these scenes and create your explainer video.
The specialty of Renderforest is, it has a variety of music tracks to add in your videos to attract more customers.

Renderforest Music Collections

You can select the music of your choice and make the video.


It is a tool to create animated videos for your blogs. You can explain a concept through their collection of video templates.
You simply need to add your content to their slides.


You can select characters and other video elements for your videos.

Animaker Characters

This tool is great to create amazing videos for your brand and attract the attention of your readers.


Animiz is an animated video maker tool. You can download it free.
It has great features to create an animated video.


It has drag and drops features. You can also import your PowerPoint presentations on it.
Also, it has more than 200 royalty free vector images.


Podcasting is one of the most popular blog content ideas to leverage more traffic to your website.
I’ll explain the basics and tips to grow your blog through podcasts.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a content you can listen to audio files from podcasting website and listen on your computer or phone.
Researchers have found that there are 51% of people who have listened to podcasts, 49% listening is done at home and 22% listening is done in the car.

Podcasts Stats & Facts

You can grow your brand through podcasting your content.
Now, I’ll explain to you to create a podcast.

How to create a podcast?

This is a basic step-by-step process to create an amazing podcast to promote your website.

Step 1:-
You have selected a niche for your blog. You have done this before starting your blog.
Similarly, you need to select a topic to start a podcast. Also, you need to podcast about your niche blog.
I mean if you’re writing on technology, then you can podcast about it. It’ll be irrelevant if you podcast about health on it.
The ultimate aim of a podcast is to drive traffic to your blog. You need to be consistent with your topic.
Also, pick a micro topic. Avoid talking on wide topics. This will take more time and your listeners will be bored.

Step 2:-
Download an audio editing software. Now, it’s your choice to choose audio software.
But, if you’re confused, I have the best 6 audio tools to make the best podcast.

Audio blog content ideas

These are 6 audio tools for content marketing to create a podcast.
You can use any one of these tools to edit your podcasts.

Step 3:-
This step is simple. You need to record and edit your audio. You can use microphones to record the files.
You can upload these files in audio editing software and design an awesome podcast for your blog.
Also, I would like to suggest you add intro music for your podcast.
You can find it on YouTube.
You can simply search for presentation music and you’ll get lots of music ideas. However, you need to give credit to the owner to avoid any further complications.

Step 4:-
Export on the audio platforms as well as in your blogs.
You can drive traffic to your blog through podcasts. For that, you need to upload on popular podcasting platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.
Once you have done these steps, you can upload podcasts and leverage traffic through it.
However, you need to be consistent in every field to succeed.


GIFs are simply attractive to gain your traffic’s attention. It is a great idea for creating blog content and embed in your blogs.
GIFs are popular on social media and people are less likely bored from it and share GIFs with their friends.


It helps to grow your brand equity. Also, you can share it on social media.You can also delight your subscribers through email.
You can send GIFs to promote your brand.

Giphy Tool:-

Giphy is one of the popular tools to create GIFs. It provides a variety of features for you to create Aha! Type GIF. This is a best idea for blog content.


Either you can search GIF through keyword or you can create a one for you.
Click on Create tab to create GIF.
Here, you can choose your video or photo to create GIFs.
You can choose your images and create the GIF.

GIF Maker

You can share these GIFs on social media or blog posts.


These are the best blog content ideas that will help you get more traffic to your website.
People will still prefer to read blogs. It won’t be obsolete. You can focus on adding pictures, videos, etc. to improve your blog popularity.
The long textual content will improve your search engine rankings. Also, you need to provide more and more value to your readers.
You simply need to concentrate on identifying the needs of your readers and providing the best value for your readers.
Readers will trust you and you can boost your business.
You can create infographics and it’s the main traffic source for your blog. People love to learn through graphical content and you can share more information with your readers.
You can try free and affordable plans to create infographics for your work.
Also, to leverage more out of social media, you need to focus on promo videos.
Promo videos will help you promote your brand and increase your brand equity.
Explainer videos, on the other hand, are more popular on social media platforms.
You can share it on IGTV Instagram or share it on YouTube. People spend much time watching videos and learning from it.
Videos are performing much more than images.
People less likely to use Podcasts. But, still, you can get more out of it.
You can share on podcasting platforms and promote your content.
GIFs are also an amazing source to use in your blogs. It’s a great blog content idea to grab the attention of your readers.
These are some tips to grow your blog traffic.

Do you know new ideas for blog content?

Which are engaging blog content ideas for marketing?

Create high-quality images, create infographics, create videos, create podcasts, share a quote on social media and many more.

How do you find best content for blogs?

Do keyword research, add stock free images, create animated videos for brand promotion, embed infographics.

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