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Thinking about business ideas?

Are you annoyed with your 9 to 5 job or you are still young for business?

Well, I don’t believe you age is the barrier for starting your empire. I believe you can start your own business and can scale it to a high level.

If you have that dedication to achieve, then you are the one who can be successful.

These 36 business ideas will help you to build your business. Yes, you may require a little start-up cost to set up in an early stage. But, there’s no business without investment.

You require a small amount to start it. These business ideas require a small budget and big dreams.

1. Online Business Consultation

It’s a great way to advise people. You must have a basic knowledge of the business.

This business may sound like a side business idea. But, people are stuck in their ideas and you can guide them to better paths.

You can also consult them steps to accomplish their business goals. People are sometimes confused between two business ideas.

You have to distinguish those business ideas and then let your client choose the right business idea.

2. Online Tutoring

This is one of the most trending business ideas for beginners. You can teach anyone anywhere from the web.

It’ll be successful only when you are expert at the subject.

People nowadays have no time for classes or attending lectures. They prefer to learn anywhere.

Also, it is desirable to clear doubts of your students anytime & anywhere.

3. Buy & Sell Domain Names

People who want to build their blog or website look for domain names. Also, there are lots of platforms to buy domains.

People still want everything in one sitting.

You can also provide a domain check tool on your business website. This will let people find their right domain names.

It’ll be a large business in the future. The world of internet is developing day-by-day and people are interested to establish their brand.

4. Web Design

Web Design is an artistic business today. As mentioned in the third business idea, people want to build their website.

Whether it is e-commerce, blog or business website, people want to build their brand.

People require fast and immediate results. Very few are interested in designing their website.

It doesn’t matter that you must have professional skills in web designing. You can improve it further.

There are lots of online courses available to improve your web design skills and design like a pro!

5. Web Development

It is similar to web designing. Web Development is an advanced version of Web Designing.

Many people have little to no knowledge of constructing a website. People purchase a domain and hosting and you can simply create a website of their choice.

You can also learn website development on YouTube or reading blogs.

6. Blogging

This is one of the favorite platforms today. People love writing, sharing their thoughts and guide other people to progress in their life.

It is more beneficial to buy a domain & hosting for your blogs. You can further try free domain on WordPress or Blogger.

Free domains are useful to start as a beginner and when you have no practice of presenting your blogs.

Professional blogging requires high patience and dedication. You need to write for at least three months before monetizing your blog.

You can also promote your products on your blogging website.

7. Men’s Hair Salon At Home

This idea is not so common. Unpopular business ideas have much competition to grow.

IT professionals or those who can hardly bear time to visit a hair salon can take benefits of this service.

People are interested to get things at home. You need all hair styling equipment and an electric connection.

You can also present different hairstyles to people and get it done at their residence.

8. Online Fitness Coaching

It’s similar to online tutoring. You can also teach yoga. You can compose videos of all coaching and just post it on your website.

You can also opt to live coaching by connecting to people through Google Hangout.

A 9 to 5 job is hectic for people. You can also create fitness awareness among people to motivate people to join your coaching.

9. Selling Second-Hand Computers

This is a low investment business. You just need to collect trashed computers, renovate it and sell it.

You can also attach some new components to operate in good condition. There are small businesses or start-ups that need second-hand computers.

You can also sell to people who cannot afford new computers. This can be a large-scale business in the future.

10. Car Washing Anywhere

People can wash their cars anywhere in the city. You simply need to rent a water tanker.

People will call you and you can go to their location and wash their cars.

Another idea is car washing at home.

People have no time to drop their cars in your washing center. The essential need is water tankers.

Service industries are profitable and these are excellent business ideas to save the time of people.

11. Bicycle Maintenance Near Schools

Students face difficulties to maintain their bicycles or repair it. They are unable to fix as there are few repairing shops near schools.

This service will ease students to get maximum benefits to maintain their bicycle. You can also add service of repairing anywhere in the city.

The advantage is students can call you when they need your service. These business ideas can help students.

12. Renting Business Wear To Professionals

Clothing business ideas are useful to people.

Professionals face this difficulty usually when there are surprise meetings.

They can just call you and you can provide them clean and stylish business wear anywhere they want.

You can also develop an app to order business wear and track their location to deliver their business wear.

It can also help people to change their current dress code and wear professional dress code.

13. Personality Development To Students & Professionals

People lack particular communication skills attending an interview. They look for service or coaching for their personality development.

You have a great opportunity to teach them the right skills to crack any interview.

You need to grab knowledge regarding personal and people skills.

You can also consult them to focus on particular skills. They may lack conflict resolution skills, communication skills, etc.

You can also teach them English skills to talk with their clients or crack any interview.

You can also provide online tutoring to people who cannot attend classes from their busy schedule.

14. Resume/CV Building For Students & Professionals

Students & Professionals are unable to build a quality resume. You can refer to many resumes and help them to build their resume.

You can also use online services like Canva to decorate with its stylish templates.

People will provide you the required information and you need to edit the templates. It’s a fabulous side business idea to start as a beginner.

15. Logo Designing For Businesses

People are establishing their businesses. Most of the businesses are start-ups. These start-ups want to create their brand.

They are looking for online business & want their own stylish and bold logo. It is a side-business idea.

You can sign-up to freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. You can also begin your online service for logo designing.

16. Advertising Agency

It is similar to a marketing agency. But, marketing agency focuses to grow the business.

Advertising indicates promoting businesses. You can advertise for promotion.

Today, people are not interested in investing money in expensive marketing agencies. You can provide this service for low margins and help small scale businesses grow.

You can also make use of social media to promote products or services of your client.

17. Writing An E-Book

This is a modern business. You can write a book, add amazing images and convert it into PDF format.

This business type requires time in the initial three to four months. People are not conscious or they don’t believe to invest in your e-book.

You need to develop a strong customer base. Social media marketing is a source to promote your product and drive more traffic to your website.

You can create an email marketing campaign to take their email-id and then send your e-book to them.

You can also tie-up with a professional blogger. You can provide a free copy of your e-book and ask for your promotion.

18. Photography

Photography is a freelancing business. Many people are fond of photography.

However, very few can sustain it. Photography can help you earn a fair income.

Fashion and portrait photography are high earning a niche in photography.

19. E-Commerce

This is a great business. E-commerce allows online selling of products.

Whether it is an e-book or any health care product, you can sell it on your website.

You can also extend the blogging as an e-commerce business. You can sell your services through your blogging platform.

However, you need to secure your website for money transactions.

I recommend buying an SSL certificate for your website. Buyers avoid unsafe website. You must secure your website and provide trustworthy and secure transactions to your customers.

20. Mobile Repairing At Home

90% of people are using smartphones. Also, people have no time to visit the mobile shop.

It’s better to repair their phones at their place. People will call for their issue. You can carry the necessary equipment and fix the error.

People can contact you through the website or app.

21. Chartered Accountant For Businesses

You can do a part-time or full-time job for businesses. Start-ups & small scale enterprises are interested in hiring a chartered accountant.

Many entrepreneurs don’t want to invest time in managing their accounts. You can approach them and start your own business.

You can also consult them as a financial advisor.

22. Energy Audit For Small & Medium Scale Industries

You must have good energy audit knowledge in it. Industries use electrical energy to run their machines.

You can examine their energy usage and help to eliminate unnecessary capital-cost saving energy.

You can also help these industries to increase their profits.

23. Filing Legal Documents For Start-Ups

If you’re good at dealing with legal structures of business, this is a great business for you.

Start-Ups are not aware of these legal procedures. You can consult the right legal registrations for them.

You can also help small businesses for their company registrations.

You can also consult them about liabilities and permits and their importance in business. You can also help to register their intellectual property.

24. Social Media Promoter

This is an outstanding business for beginners. You don’t require any prerequisite knowledge for promoting other businesses.

You just need to tie up with start-ups and small businesses. You can also approach to large-scale industries. But, it’s easy to start approaching a start-up.

Start-ups can’t afford social media experts hiring them with high salary. You can connect to them and start promoting their business.

You can design an advertisement poster and create videos to promote their business.

25. Powerpoint Presentation For Students & Professionals

If you have sufficient knowledge of Microsoft Powerpoint, you have a great opportunity to help the students and professionals.

People have vast content, but, they have no idea to present it.

You can collect the content and create a presentation that’ll help in their business meetings.

26. Colour Choice Consultant

This is a part-time business. It is similar to an interior designing job.

You can help people to choose colors for their house, offices or any commercial purposes.

You can learn the color psychology and can consult color choices. You can also help them to design a product.

Colorful products can attract customers to buy specific products.

27. Online Admission Form For Students

Students are unable to fill admission forms. Students in rural areas face this difficulty.

You can open this service near colleges.

28. App Development For Business

If you’re good at developing apps, you can go for this choice.

Many businesses are moving online.

Service industries prefer using apps for better customer service.

29. Review Writing

It is a freelancing job. You can write reviews of businesses on social media for their promotion.

You can visit hotels to write their reviews on Zomato. You can also be a food blogger.

30. Build Your Brand

Showcase your talent on social media. You can present yourself on various social platforms.

Making your brand helps you to connect with people. You can also guide your juniors.

31. Stock Photography Website

If freelancing photography doesn’t excite you, then stock photography is the best alternative for you.

You can sign-up with stock photography websites like Shutterstock or Getty Images.

You can also start your stock photography website. This website can be an e-commerce website.

You can enable users to buy your pictures from your website.

32. Start A Network Marketing Firm

You can sell your product on the market. But, you can also sell it through network marketing.

You can connect to many people and provide them with incentives after each sale.

33. Make your music

You can make your music. There are lots of software available to practice and play music like a pro!

You can use Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud to share on these platforms.

34. Computer/Laptop Repairing At Home

This business is similar to mobile repairing business.

People will call you and you can reach their location. You can carry the equipment and fix the issue.

You can provide solutions on phone call if the issue can be solved easily.

35. Help Students To Get A Job

You must have industrial contacts for this business. Your firm can help fresher to get a job.

Students will get an internship and industrial experience.

You can also coach them to prepare for an interview.

Students will approach you for a job and you can send them to relevant industries.

Nowadays, this business can resolve the unemployment issue of the nation.

36. Digital Marketing Agency

This is the most popular business today. People are interested to start their digital marketing agency to help start-ups to grow their businesses.

You require knowledge of digital marketing and hands-on experience to produce results.

You can also add a policy of producing higher results for businesses.


Let’s summarize!

All these business ideas can help you grow.

Launching a business is not easy. You need to find whether the idea is suitable for you.

Do you need to ask yourself, am I genuinely interested in starting a business?

Approach to a mentor or person who’ll guide you and simplify the start-up process to you.

Create a plan to achieve your business goals. You need to invest money in your business.

I recommend you to have proper financial planning. Make sure you complete all legal registration and business operations.

There’ll be lots of hurdles to overcome. Your planning and dedication will make you successful.

Do you have any more business ideas?

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