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Are you the one who has struggled in google search rankings?

Is your website doing well but not ranking in search engine?

Hey! Stop worrying about these things and let’s start of improving your rankings.

Well, you always set with one technique and rank high. But, this is not constant all the time.

Google’s algorithm changes at least 500 times in a year. The only thing which I have found in this is, the change is constant.

There are so many SEO techniques and which one to follow is the big question.

Some people focus on writing heavy content to improve website rankings, adding more backlinks, etc. I have found some techniques to improve website rankings.

After all, it’s your choice and your technique to rank high.

Also, it’s better if you focus on SEO techniques to avoid getting banned from Google.

So, without wasting a minute let’s get started:



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1. Add more content to your website

You have heard about “Content is the king.” Yes, this is the most important factor that governs your SEO.

Content is the King

There are many articles where 300 words are ideally allowed to use in your pages. But, this is not enough to rank high.

According to my research, I have found that an ideal content for blog posts is at least 1600 words are necessary to rank your website high.

Also, a six to seven-minute read is a must for your website.

But, there are some pages like the home page or about page, where we can’t add heavy content.

It’s okay. There some more tips for these pages. I would be describing further about it.

The content you write should be plagiarism-free to avoid getting banned from Google. Check your content with free plagiarism checker tools and rank your website high.

These small improvements will rank your website high in google search engine. Also, these tips are applicable whether you run a business website, a blog or an e-commerce website.

2. Add more social sharing options

Social Media and SEO go hand-in-hand. Although social media is not a part of SEO, social media affects your website rankings.

Social Media with SEO

Social media helps you gain more traffic to your website.

Yes! I have experienced it.

How I gained it?

  • Posting picture/videos regularly
  • Use high-quality pictures on Instagram
  • Build a community on Facebook
  • Stay active on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc

3. Engaging Inbound Links

Inbound linking is a technique of linking pages of your website in the content.
This will increase your website rankings and more content will be displayed to your readers.
People will be more attracted to your website and prefer to be your loyal readers.
Creating more useful content on your website and linking to your pages, people will be engaged with you naturally.

4. Create Relevant Outbound Links

Outbound links are connecting your website content with another website.
It is impactful in SEO. Besides, it is necessary to connect relevant links to your website.
Some people don’t prefer to add outbound links to their website. But, adding such links can boost your website rankings.
It is also necessary that you link only trustworthy websites. Linking to any website can lead to spamming.

5. Add Impactful Meta Description

Well, impactful meta descriptions are necessary for website rankings.
It also increases your click-through-rate. Also, adding a unique meta description can improve your website ranking.
More unique description of your website, the more chance to gain more traffic to your website.
Usually, Yoast SEO users know the term “meta description.” This sounds complicated. But, it’s really simple.
Your focus keyphrase must be present in your meta description. It allows Google to understand your topic.
Avoid using tricky SEO title or keyphrase in your content. This will confuse your readers and stop engaging with you.
Use simple keyphrase in your title.
Learn more about meta description:

6. Focus on Keyphrase and Keyword Density

I have mentioned about keyphrase in the last tip. But, still, I’ll elaborate it.
Keyphrase, keyword density are small elements to be improved.
Keyword density is the usage of keyword in your content. Also, remember, it is recommended to use up to 1 to 5 times. Exceeding this number, your content will be penalized.
SEMrush is a great tool for keywords. It allows you to find organic search for a particular keyword.
This will help you out in SEO and your website ranking.

7. Make use of Google Search Console

Google Search Console

In earlier days, it was also called Google webmaster.
It’s a great tool for analyzing your website.
It improves your website performance and helps to gain traffic.

8. Work on Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This tool helps you recognize the performance of the website.
I prefer to use this tool for analyzing the psychology of my traffic.
Google Analytics also helps me to analyze the time they spend on my website.
These references help you to convert your visitors to customers.

9. Reduce Page Loading Time

Page Loading Time

Last but not least, this tip will improve your rankings.
Your visitors will spend more time on your website. This is possible for the low loading time of your website.
Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer helps you to find the load time of your website.
It is also necessary to lower your bounce rate.
Try to use thumbnails for the images on your website.
This will reduce loading time and makes your website faster.
People will be interested in spending time on your content and increase your rankings.


Well, these are 9 SEO tips for high website rankings.
It is necessary to implement on your website to make it faster. Tiny improvements can help to rank high in search engine.
Try to avoid making heavy backlinks. It’ll lead to spamming or drop your rankings. Good SEO practice can always keep you safe and people will love engaging with you.

Do you know more methods for high rankings?


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