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Social Media Apps is one of the most trending platforms today. People are interested to grow their brand and business through social media.

These platforms help to create an audience and traffic to your business.

However, can social media help you to increase your traffic?

It is not only the SEO to increase your rankings. SEO is an element to increase your rankings.

I believe that your rankings will increase when you will interact with your traffic.

Social Media is a great platform to promote your website and drive more traffic to it.

Today, I will show you 4 social media apps to increase your website rankings and grow your business.

How social media will help you?

Social media statistics tell us that over 7% of social media users have increased in the past few years.

Social media Apps statistics

Today, about 6 billion population are using social media. Amongst these, 3.8 billion are mobile users.

Improving your on-site optimization can increase your rankings. However, traffic will not increase on your website.

You post pictures, videos on social media and promote your business.

Now, I will show 4 apps and its influence on your business.

1. Facebook

Facebook is an American social media company founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It is a wide platform to grow your online community.

You can make online friends and interact with them.

How to use it effectively?

Facebook can help to build your business.

i) Facebook Page

You can create a business page on your account. Simply, add the details to it and start promoting your business.

The Facebook page allows you to invite friends to like and follow your page.

You can add your products/services or post the latest offers to attract people to your website.

You can encourage your friends to share to get more audience to your Facebook page.

ii) Business Logo

Add a beautiful logo of your business.

There are lots of online tools available to design your logo.

Also, learn about color psychology. This can help you design the most suitable logo for your business.

iii) Business Tagline

Once you are done with the logo, add a bold tagline to it.

A tagline must be short up to 3 to 5 words.

E.g. Tipz Today- Read | Learn | Grow

Read | Learn | Grow indicates education industry.

iv) Facebook Groups

You can build your own Facebook group to grow your community.

You can also join other groups for your business promotion.

Avoid Selfish-Promotion. Selfish-Promotion is posting content just to follow or buy your products.

You can specify your product benefits to the community.

Create a contest or giveaway for more engagements with your product.

v) Grow Audience Without Ads
Social Media App: Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads are effective to increase your reach. However, not everyone can afford running ads.

Don’t worry! There are still effective ways of promotion.

vi) 5 Tips to grow an audience without ads:-

· High-Quality Pictures

· Create Infographics

· Business Intro Videos

· Product Promotion Videos

· Presentations

a. High-Quality Pictures

Posting high-quality pictures will boost your website traffic.

Canva is a modern graphic designing software. It has thousands of templates.

You can edit and make your business promotional pictures.

High-quality images are attractive and people are often interested to view your products and services.

b. Create Infographics

Infographics are a crucial tool to display tons of information in graphical format.

Piktochart, Infogram, Canva are best sources to design your infographic.

You can also add the embed code with your infographic.

Embed code will help people to use your infographic on their website.

c. Business Intro Videos

Creating your brand’s promotional videos will help people to know your business.

You can produce short videos of 10 to 20 seconds.

Avoid using long videos.

d. Product Videos

Use different artistic ways to present your products/services to your community.

Promote these videos and visitors will turn to customers.

Try for offers or contests. People will love to engage with your products.

Researchers have found that people will love to watch videos up to 20 seconds.

So, try to wrap up your promotion as short as you can.

e. Presentations

You can create presentations and share them on Facebook groups.

Try to covey details about your products and services.

Slideshare is a good platform to get fresh ideas about presentations.

These were some tools to boost your traffic from Facebook.

2. Twitter

Twitter has a vital role in social media marketing. There are fewer users of Twitter compared to Facebook.

There are 2.3 billion users of Facebook and 320 million users of Twitter.

Twitter is popular for microblogging and is a great place to market your products.

You can share short messages called tweets to promote your products. You can also use to share your reviews about the product.

Setting-Up Twitter Account

It is easy to sign-up a Twitter account. Add your name, email address, and password.

However, if you are looking for promoting your business, I recommend you to use your business name and email address.

Once you are done with this basic procedure, set your profile picture. Make sure you are using the business logo.

This will be easy for people when they view your account.

About section should describe your business. Add your business location and business website.

Social Media App: Twitter Snapshot

Add your first tweet and you are done!

Twitter Marketing Made Simple

Setting-up was all about the basics of Twitter.

Now, I’ll show you marketing tips to grow your website traffic.

i) Getting Traffic

Gaining website traffic having low to no followers is difficult. It’s necessary to set your targets.

This will give you an idea to develop your marketing strategies.

Try to post amazing content and avoid selfish-promotion. Avoid tweeting your website unnecessarily.

Use relevant hashtags in your post.

E.g., Avoid using #sports in food industry posts.

ii) Interacting With People

Retweet the posts and add to your timeline. People will be familiar with the content to your account and your feed.

Reply to comments in tweets and provide them with the best content.

The more you’ll engage with the chats, the more you’ll know the interests of people.

iii) Pictures & Videos

As I have mentioned earlier, high-quality pictures play a vital role in engagements. Videos will increase more traffic to your website.

Nowadays, people are interested in animated videos. Animated videos play a vital role in video marketing.

The advantage is, you don’t require any resources to produce and publish the video.

Renderforest- animated videos made simple

Renderforest is an awesome tool for animated videos.

iv) Create Quizzes

Quizzes are significant sources to drive traffic to your website.

Google Forms are free and simple to create. Add 5 to 10 questions and publish your quiz on Twitter.

Google Forms

Create a poster and tweet it on your timeline.

Don’t forget to add the name & email address option to your quiz.

This will help you gain their contacts and notify about your new products.

Run your quiz for one week and offer cash-prizes or giveaway for top 3 winners.

Twitter will help you gain traffic and increase your website rankings. Interact with your community and engage with them.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is similar to Twitter. It is a microblogging platform and useful for e-commerce business. This social media app can increase your website traffic.

Setting up an account is easy. Set your profile picture, fill the about section.

What makes Pinterest different?

Pinterest has features called pin & boards. Here, posting new content refers to pinning your posts.

It also allows you to categorize your posts. This categorization is called boards.

You can pin posts to boards.

Importance of Pinning

Your Pinterest presence increases as you pin more posts.

Pinning in Pinterest

You can pin posts of other users. I suggest you pin more posts to your boards. This will increase your engagements with your community.

Pinning for at least 5 times in a day will increase your pin views and traffic to your business.

Interaction With Followers

Take part in the Pinterest community. Appreciate their information and engage with them.

Engaging with people can increase your followers on Pinterest.

Images vs Infographics

Images play a vital role in Pinterest. But, I suggest you to use infographics to increase your profile views.

Infographics show information in graphical format. You can also create infographics of your products.

You can show the best performing product in your business.

You can use charts to show the significance of the product.

4. Instagram

Business is zero without Instagram. Instagram deals with high-quality posters. Instagram is popular social media app.

Instagram allows you to set a private account, public account, and business account.

The business account helps us to watch our audience’s activities.

Instagram allows us to track our audience.

Setting Business Account

It’s simple as that of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has a feature to set the category of your business.

You can select the category as per your business. You can add contact options to your account.

People can reach you through your contacts.

What makes Instagram attractive?

There are some attractive features to make Instagram stand-out of other social media apps.

I suggest you avoid uploading low-quality pictures on Instagram. Instagram traffic is not interested in low-quality posters.

You can edit your product/services posters in Canva. Instagram users will be interested to engage with your business.

Instagram Story vs Instagram Feed

Researchers have found Instagram Story performs more than your feed.

Your Instagram posts appear on your timeline or mentioned hashtags. However, people can view your story and can engage with you quickly.

Also, stories play a role like infographics. You present brief and they are more likely to follow you.

Top-Notch Instagram Marketing

There are 8 great tips to increase your followers and traffic to your website.

i) Instagram Stories/Day

Instagram stories perform well then your feed. But, how many stories/day can increase your engagements?

Well, I suggest you post at least 3 stories and drive more traffic. Use high-quality pictures.

Just don’t take care of quality, create amazing content for your people.

Study your insights and post accordingly.

ii) Instagram Posts/Day

I suggest you post only once in a day. The reason is that people are often annoyed with more information. They start neglecting your profile.

Add once in a day and focus more on Instagram stories.

iii) Videos on feed

Videos are more engaging compared to images. I have found approximate 15% engagements have increased with videos.

Also, try for more engaging videos. Usually, 60-sec video is good for the promotion of your products and services.

However, if you want to describe your products/services, then IGTV is the best option for you.

iv) IGTV

IGTV allows you to post videos for more than 1 minute. It is also useful to extend video up to 3 to 5 minutes.

Avoid adding unnecessary content. People won’t watch full videos having boring content. Animated videos will be useful to present any information about your products/services.

v) Double-Tap Strategies

This is an ingenious idea to increase your followers and post engagements. This is a great way to grab more profile visitors.

Double-tap if you agree

You can simply create a social post and add “Double-Tap If You Agree.”

People will love to like and comment on your posts and hence, increase your traffic.

vi) Live Videos

Social media apps are focusing on live videos. You can go live and promote your business.

However, I recommend you to not to rush for your promotions.

Rather, describe your products and furthermore concentrate on promotions.

vii) Reply To Comments

People engage with your posts and happily comment on your posts. It is necessary to respond to their comments. Neglecting your audience leads to a negative impact on your audience.

viii) Share Your Instagram Stories

This is a hidden trick on Instagram. This trick is used to drive more views to your story and increase your profile visits.

You can send your Instagram story to your followers. It’s just like you’re notifying updates to them.


Social Media Marketing is useful to grow your business. It’s a great platform to drive traffic to your website.

Website rankings are dependant on your website traffic and bounce rates.

People will engage with your business and your website rankings will rise.

Social media will help you to increase your conversion rates.

Learn about new technologies in this field and try to improve your business.

Social media marketing is the art of experiments. You have to add new content and test your market.

Do you know more methods to grow your business?

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