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We are one of them who are running our blogs, e-commerce businesses, etc. In the initial stages, there’s lots of work pressure.

We work for 12 to 14 hours daily to drive more traffic to our website. We work with full valor to accomplish our goals.

We sacrifice our daily routine, night-outs with friends, party, etc. to build our dream business.

Most of the time is invested in resolving errors of website, building backlinks for website ranking and driving traffic to the website.

You need to manage every department in your initial stages of the business.

However, today, I’ll show you 10 tips which I have applied in my business to drive high traffic in a short time.

These are 10 tips to generate high traffic for small business and bloggers.

1. Quality Content

SEO can improve your website rankings. It can also drive traffic to your website.

Nevertheless, content is the king.

Content is the crucial element to drive traffic to your website. For an e-commerce business, high-quality pictures of products are necessary.

Bloggers must write up to 2200 words for high website rankings. People love to engage with your business.

I’ll suggest you add some infographics in your content. I would be covering this in detail.

I know it’s annoying to write at least 2200 words in your blog. However, still, you need to persist. Refer different bloggers for more information. However, you should not copy their strategies.

You can increase your knowledge and understandings.

High-quality content can increase your website rankings and traffic to your website.

2. Page Caching

Improving the content of your website creates lots of page caching stored on your website. This caching can affect your page load speed.

Once your page load speed is affected, people start leaving your website frequently. This is not good for the business.

So, what you should do?

Page Caching

Install a plugin called W3 Page Cache. This plugin is easy to install in your WordPress dashboard.

Simply, log-in to your WordPress dashboard.

Click on plugins > Add New

Search for “W3 Page Cache”

Click on install and activate the plugin.

Once you activate this plugin, your website will load faster than before.

You can also check your website speed on Google Page Speed.

Google Page Speed shows the loading time of your website on desktop as well as on mobile.

3. AMP Website

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a significant tool to increase your customer base. The meaning of accelerated mobile pages is accelerating the mobile pages.

It is improving the website speed on mobile. This feature helps the website load faster on mobiles.

It is necessary to add to your website. Almost 85% of people are using mobile for their day-to-day work.

AMP features help to website load faster and give a great user experience.

Now, how to enable this feature?

AMP for WP Plugin

It’s easy to add to your website. Install “AMP for WordPress” plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Once you have activated the plugin, click on settings of AMP plugin.

Add your business logo to it; you can adjust its size, as you want.

I recommend you to enable the option of mobile redirect in AMP settings.

Mobile redirection

The advantage of this feature is, whenever a user searches your website, and then the AMP version of your website will be displayed.

This will eventually increase the traffic to your website.

4. Decrease Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is the negative side of every business. Even, I’m afraid of high bounce rates.

However, I have tips to decrease your bounce rates. Neil Patel explains well how to decrease your bounce rates.

People leaving your website quickly before they read or visit your website is called bounce rate. The more it is on your website, the less are the chances of ranking your website on Google search engines.

Causes & solutions of high bounce rates

a. Your website loading time is more than 5 seconds; People are interested to visit your website when the loading time is up to 3 seconds. Otherwise, they bounce-off.

b. You have low-quality content; People hate reading only texts. Try to add images or snapshots of processes in your content. This will help people to get most of your website.

c. You present outdated topics; this problem occurs when you write what you want. Rather, you should focus on what people want to read from you.

d. Your website contains custom fonts & styles; I suggest you not to decorate your website with custom fonts or colors. Keep it simple. People still engage with your business.

I recommend you sign-up on Google Analytics. This will be effective to know about your visitors.

Monster Insights is a popular plugin to connect Google Analytics with your website.

You’ll better understand your visitors and bounce rates.

5. Hummingbird Plugin

Google Page Speed usually detects minify CSS and JS errors. You may have heard about the term “Minify CSS & JS”.

This error occurs because there are problems of CSS and JS in your website.

Let me explain, what is CSS & JS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the heart of your website. Minify CSS is removing unnecessary or waste data from the website.

This affects your website performance.

JavaScript (JS) is the brain of your website. It is a programming language and can create attractive websites.

Minify JS minimizes your code and script files. This will boost your website speed and reduce bandwidth usage.

This concept is complicated to understand if you’re from a non-technical background.

Hummingbird plugin will help you out in this issue.

Install and activate this plugin. This plugin will remove unnecessary errors on your website. It’ll also minify CSS and JS errors that are blocking your website performance.

6. Image Compression

Heavy images can slow down your website. Adding images up to 4-5 MB can reduce page load speed of your website.

Google also recommends using images of less than 500 to 600 KB.

High-quality images are necessary to rank your website high. Nonetheless, simultaneously, you should take care of your loading speed.

I recommend you install WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin allows you to compress the images. It doesn’t destroy the quality of the image.

Image compression is reducing the size of the image by not reducing its quality.

There’s another alternative to compress your image.

TinyPNG is online image compression tool.

You need to simply upload pictures from your desktop and it compresses the image up to 60%.

It’s a free tool allowing you to reduce the size of the image.

The compressed image will help you boost your website speed and provide a great user experience.

7. Embed Infographics

It’s complicated to present the information in textual format. Also, it’s difficult to remember the 1000 words text.

Infographic is an effective tool to wrap up all the text in graphical format. You can add pictures to represent the data.

You can also add charts, bar graphs to represent trends in different markets or numerical data.


There are many online infographic tools. These tools have various templates of different infographics. You can edit these templates and add your photos, charts as per your choice.

I frequently use Piktochart to design infographics. It’s a great tool to design infographics and have various tools to look your infographic stylish and attractive.

Infographics are high engaging elements and core element to draw traffic to your website.

8. Push Notifications

People are often not subscribing to your website. This is normal. In fact, it happens with me too.

It’s natural. However, I have a solution for it.

I use a feature called push notifications. You may have observed the allow notifications tab in some websites.

These websites use push notification feature to grab more traffic to their web page. These are hidden tips to drive engagement with your business.

Users allow notifications of your website. When you post new content, they are notified.

Push Notifications

Even they may not open your website; still, they receive notifications from you.

Subscribers is a popular tool to add push notification feature in your website.

You simply need to sign-up and install subscriber plugin in WordPress to activate in your website.

Once you’re done, push notifications will help you grow your traffic. These tips are popular to draw more traffic and increase your website rankings.

9. Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaigns are usually preferred for e-commerce websites. However, it is also to grab more contacts.

You can add a subscriber form on your website. People will sign-up and you can notify them in the future.

Whenever you post a new blog or product, you can email them about your latest post.

However, I suggest you to avoid making email templates for your subscribers.

People lose interest in you and start avoiding or deleting your emails.

You must write a separate email for a new blog post. They would more likely engage with you.

I also recommend you not to email them every day. They’ll most probably won’t read and start avoiding your content.

One email per week is always good to drive more engagements.

There are many email marketing tools like MailChimp, Hubspot, etc.

I usually prefer to use MailChimp for my email marketing campaign.

MailChimp is a great tool to manage your email marketing campaigns. You can add a subscriber form on your website.

You can also add a sign-up pop-up form. A pop-up form appears on the screen and visitor can subscribe to your newsletter.

Email Sign-up

Email-Marketing Campaigns are useful and these tips help to create loyal customers for your business.

10. Use Quora

Quora is a popular platform to drive traffic to your website. You can sign up and select the topics you like.

Quora Viewers Stats

You can select topics related to your business. The advantage is that people will be more familiar with you.

Try to answer the questions on Quora.

You can also add your link in the answer for reference.

However, I recommend you not to add your website frequently. If you add frequently, then people won’t be happy asking you questions.

Being too materialistic is not good for the business.

I suggest you not to answer the questions just for the sake of getting high traffic to your website.

Rather, have a helping attitude and you’ll receive more than your expectations.

Also, Quora offers to run ads on their website. This is also a great source to drive traffic to your website.

Quora tips will be helpful to engage with Quora community and increase your website traffic.


These were 10 tips to drive more traffic to your website. I have drawn 500 visitors applying these 10 tips.

Start-ups and bloggers are struggling with high traffic. Nevertheless, believe me, you can definitely drive more traffic to your website.

I also recommend you to post your content on social media.

There are many issues in the initial stages. However, you need to find solutions and go ahead.

Never pull your competitors. But, learn from them.

Remember my words, “When you help without any intention, you’ll always receive more than your expectations.”

What are your marketing tips to grow your online business?


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