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Every blogger wants to get the best blog name to represent their brand. We bloggers look for an attractive name for our blogs. Yet, we cannot get the right names for our blogs. In this article, I’m here to show you that it’s too easy to generate a blog names list.

This article will also show some names lists for different niche blogs. So, stick with me and I’ll explain to you that it’s very simple to choose a brand name for your blog.

Let’s get started!

Why choose an attractive name?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer. Choosing an attractive name can help your visitors to know the significance of the blog. 

It also helps the visitors to convert into loyal readers. Your brand name forms a bond with your blog and they love to engage with your content.

Now, you may be thinking, “How’s it is possible?”. You don’t need to worry. Simply, you need to know some psychological facts that’ll affect your brand name.

1. How names affect psychology?

Blog names definitely affect psychology. You can end giving up on blogging if your visitors don’t find the name attractive.

Blog names list psychology

This picture represents that the brand name is easy to read, spell and remember.

Brand name reading

Now, you have understood the significance of an attractive name.

Ivan explains 6 rules to consider before choosing a brand name.

⋆ Explainability

⋆ Brandability

⋆ Memorability

⋆ Availability

⋆ Creativity

⋆ Searchability

Choose A Brand Name

This section help you select creative blog name with help of human psychology.

Your blog name must represent your brand and attract your readers towards your blog.

Also, try to add a product or niche name in your domain name. This will increase the searchability and hence improve your search engine visibility.

SEO Tip:-

Select a domain name having two words. This will help your visitors remember your domain name and grow your blog traffic.

Also, try to wind up the domain name less than 9 letters. Usually, long names are hard to remember and people less likely to search it on search engines.

2. Best Names For Top Blog Niches

This section is pretty interesting for a newbie blogger. I’m here to show you the best blog names list for different niches. 

You will be lucky if you find your niche in this list. Well, you also don’t need to worry if you don’t find your niche in this blog names list.

There’s a secret tip to find the best names for your blog. Before we move towards it, I will show you some of the best names for the top blog niches.

Marketing Blog Names

i) Marketzen

ii) Marketpad

iii) Marketfluent

iv) Abstract Marketing

v) Marketnetic

vi) Marketsio

vii) Alpha Marketing

viii) Linear Marketing

ix) Next Marketing

x) Marketlux

xi) Cubed Marketing

xii) Marketaholic

xiii) Level Marketing

xiv) Logic Marketing

xv) Power Marketing

Business Blog Names

i) Businesslance

ii) Pixel Business

iii) Businessistic

iv) Businessgenix

v) Businessjet

vi) Key Business

vii) Starline Business

viii) BusinessFix

ix) Business Crew

x) Business Fluence

xi) Business Stack

xii) Businesse

xiii) Businessops

xiv) Business Aspire

xv) Business Mind

Cooking Blog Names

i) Cookza

ii) Cookingo

iii) Cook Bright

iv) Cookopedia

v) Cookjet

vi) Cooklance

vii) Ultimate Cooking

viii) Definite Cooking

ix) Model Cooking

x) Titan Cooking

xi) Air Cooking

xii) Cooking Plus

xiii) Cooklux

xiv) Cookine

xv) Cooknetic

Sports Blog Names

i) Sportslux

ii) Frame Sports

iii) Fission Sports

iv) Excel Sports

v) Atlas Sports

vi) Pro Sports

vii) Sportiza

viii) Sportal

ix) Epic Sports

x) Infinity Sports

xi) Extreme Sports

xii) Tetra Sports

xiii) Geo Sports

xiv) Envy Sports

xv) Real Sports

Art Blog Names

i) Ace Art

ii) Sign Art

iii) Accent Art

iv) Compact Art

v) Edge Art

vi) Connect Art

vii) Finder Art

viii) Smart Art

ix) Flash Art

x) Artic Art

xi) Freedom Art

xii) Key Art

xiii) Art Hut

xiv) Artish

xv) Art Genics

Gardening Blog Names

i) Garden Folio

ii) Garden Logistics

iii) Artful Garden

iv) Garden Shire

v) Stock Gardening

vi) Refined Gardening

vii) ABC Gardening

viii) Canon Gardening

ix) Natural Gardening

x) Eco Gardening

xi) Green Gardening

xii) Splash Gardening

xiii) Gardenify

xiv) Gardenaholic

xv) Sky Gardening

Architecture Blog Names

i) Automate Architecture

ii) Edge Architecture

iii) Chroma Architecture

iv) Skyway Architecture

v) Galaxy Architecture

vi) Pixel Architecture

vii) Epic Architecture

viii) Extreme Architecture

ix) Fusion Architecture

x) Architeca

xi) Rebel Architect

xii) Rise Architecture

xiii) Matrix Architecture

xiv) Precision Architecture

xv) Architecture Line

Design Blog Names

i) DesignX

ii) Designelle

iii) Designingly

iv) Designelk

v) Design Peer

vi) Designical

vii) Designerific

viii) Amaze Design

ix) Transit Design

x) Design Elevate

xi) Designsy

xii) Designolio

xiii) Master Design

xiv) Attract Design

xv) Drive Design

Industrial Blog Names

i) Industry Storm

ii) Rival Industry

iii) Industree

iv) Industry Ninja

v) Industry Hype

vi) Industrija

vii) Industric

viii) Equity Industry

ix) Industrinetic

x) Splendor Industrial

xi) Industriella

xii) Cloud Industry

xiii) Industrifluent

xiv) Industry Elite

xv) Industriio

Health Blog Names

i) Link Health

ii) Air Health

iii) Healthaza

iv) Healthly

v) Smart Health

vi) Health Fluency

vii) Healthdemic

viii) Health Horse

ix) Healthnomic

x) Health Hatch

xi) Health patron

xii) Health Crop

xiii) Boost Health

xiv) Ace Health

xv) Health Desire

Fitness Blog Names

i) Abroad Fit

ii) Flash Fit

iii) Fitocity

iv) Action Fit

v) Scale Fit

vi) Ace Fit

vii) Core Fit

viii) Fitness Dial

ix) Fitness Script

x) Fitness Sprint

xi) Fitness School

xii) Fitness Frenzy

xiii) Fitness Up

xiv) Fitness Pillar

xv) Fitness Youth

Books Blog Names

i) Next Book

ii) Books Zone

iii) Titan Books

iv) Vision Books

v) Book Jack

vi) Book Jar

vii) Book Basket

viii) Bookaholic

ix) Bookpad

x) Bookzoid

xi) Flash Books

xii) Click Books

xiii) Novelish

xiv) Book Squirrel

xv) Scrum Book

Electronics Blog Names

i) Mega Electronics

ii) Amaze Electronics

iii) Elevate Electronics

iv) Power Electronics

v) Giga Electronics

vi) Nixon Electronics

vii) Sky Electronics

viii) Mecha Electronics

ix) Inspire Electronics

x) Core Electronics

xi) Plextronics

x) Electro Cove

xi) Apex Electronics

xii) Jupiter Electronics

xiii) Touch Electronics

xiv) Tone Electronics

xv) Center Electronics

Technology Blog Names

i) Techvio

ii) One Technology

iii) Technetic

iv) Smart Technology

v) Sky Technology

vi) Cyber Technology

vii) Digital Technology

viii) Techvology

ix) Techy Type

x) Technobux

xi) Ultimate Technology

xii) Techno Tactic

xiii) Techpacket

xiv) Pure Technology

xv) Technology Mix

Fashion Blog Names

i) Fashology

ii) Flip Fashion

iii) Fashion Range

iv) Fashion Lance

v) Fashion Slant

vi) Fashion Keen

vii) Fashionlytic

viii) Fashion Radical

ix) Glance Fashion

x) Unique Fashion

xi) Fashionizo

xii) Fashion Style

xiii) Fashion Circle

xiv) Fashion Oak

xv) Fashut

Lifestyle Blog Names

i) Liifestyle

ii) Lifestyle Fire

iii) Lifestyle Box

iv) Lifestylista

v) Fastyle

vi) Season Lifestyle

vii) Wander Lifestyle

viii) Lifeste

ix) Alifestyle

x) Clifestyle

xi) Stylezen

xii) Lifestylelance

xiii) Action Lifestyle

xiv) Lifestyle Edge

xv) Lifestylelux

Beauty Blog Names

i) Closet Beauty

ii) BeautyGaze

iii) Beauty Worker

iv) Beauty Time

v) Beauty Craft

vi) Relic Beauty

vii) Direct Beauty

viii) Fine Beauty

ix) Cloud Beauty

x) Scope Beauty

xi) Excel Beauty

xii) Beauty Clip

xiii) Beauty Simply

xiv) Patter Beauty

xv) Edgy Beauty

Food Blog Names

i) Food Metric

ii) Honey Food

iii) Emphasis Food

iv) Food Still

v) Food Lot

vi) Food Demand

vii) Ready Food

viii) Food Choice

ix) Cloud Food

x) Macro Food

xi) Zone Food

xii) Chroma Food

xiii) Tec Food

xiv) Atlas Food

xv) Amaze Food

Inspiring Blog Names

i) Inspire Everest

ii) Inspire Caliber

iii) Inspire Array

iv) Inspire You

v) Inspire Flip

vi) Inspirehut

vii) Inspire Spike

viii) Inspireomatic

ix) Inspire Superb

x) Inspire Slice

xi) Inspire Prestige

xii) Inspire Haute

xiii) Inspire Scale

xiv) Inspire Mode

xv) Inspire Idol

Photography Blog Names

i) Photography Scene

ii) Photography Ambient

iii) Photography Accent

iv) Photography Alt

v) Photography Capture

vi) Photography Speed

vii) Photography Tec

viii) Photography Path

ix) Photographyify

x) Photography Variable

xi) Photography Hut

xii) Photography Action

xiii) Photography Iconic

xiv) Photography Pose

xv) Photography Globe

Travel Blog Names

i) Travel Everest

ii) Travelish

iii) Travel Desire

iv) Travel Skypass

v) Travelio

vi) Travel Inspire

vii) Travelzen

viii) Travel You

ix) Travel Ambiance

x) Travelsy

xi) Travel Peek

xii) Travel Curvy

xiii) Travel Paths

xiv) Trip Footprint

xv) Travelaholic

3. How do I generate a blog names list?

These tools help you generate different names in any niche. I have shown best blog names suggestions list. Now, you may be thinking that how easy it is!

In this section, I’ll show you how you can too generate a blog names list with the help of these tools.

I used these tools and provided your lists for the top 15 niches in the above section. These are blog name generator.

This is a free tool to generate business or blog names for your brand. You simply need to type the keyword and it will show you lists of blog names for your blogs.

Keyword for blog names list

For the time being, we will consider the keyword as “stitching”.

Simply hit the Generate button and you will find various names list for your blogs.

Stitching names list

This tool will help you find an unlimited blog names list for your blogs. This will help you find the best name for your blog.

You can type any keyword and it will generate names for your keyword.

This is a similar tool like Business Name Generator. You need to type the keyword and it will show you the list of blog names for your keyword. 

Make sure you apply relevant filters and then choose the best name for your blog.

This is my favorite blog name generator tool. You can also generate business names on this website.

The specialty of this tool is it is Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered naming tool. Also, it allows you to select different choices to choose the right name for your blog.

The process is simple. You can add various keywords to find the right name.

Let’s continue our last keyword “stitching”. I am adding the word “home” to explain it to you in the right way.

Namelix business names

You can type any keywords related to your niche and hit the “Generate” button to move towards the next step.

Namelix blog names letters

You can select the number of letters as per your choice. I am selecting short and medium names. Once you have selected, click on Generate.

It will take you to the last step of selection.

Namelix blog names style

The next step is to select the name style for your blog name. This is up to you. You can select any name style of your choice.

My Tip:-

Bloggers can choose brandable names. It will improve your blog name’s searchability. It will also help to increase domain authority and boost search engine rankings.

Once you hit the generate button, this tool will show you the blog names list and you can choose one for your blog.

Namelix blog names list

It also provides some premium names along with a logo. 

This is one of my favourite blog name generator. You need to fill information about and this tool suggest different names for blog.

blog name generator

You will see different suggestions provided by this tool.

Now, I have provided you my secret blog name generator tools for you.

Before concluding, I am going to show you the platform to get the best domain names for your blogs.

This will help newbie bloggers to find domain names for blogs. Also, this will save their efforts.

4. How to find the best domain names for any niche?

Choosing the best domain name is the major challenge for a newbie blogger. Well, I’m here to help you. I’ll provide you my favorite tools to find blog domains list which will help you start a blog.

This is a good tool to find a domain name for your blogs. Here, too, you need to type the keyword and this tool will show you all possibilities for your keyword.

Now, let’s continue our keyword “stitching”.

Domain name keyword

As usual, type the keyword and hit the “Search” button.

You will find innumerable results for your keyword.

Domain name list

This tool also provides you filters. You can choose these filters to find the right domain matching your blog niche.

You can select length to get a short domain name for the blog. It also provides an alphabetical option to find names.

Also, it has a search term filter. This means you can adjust your keyword from starting with the search term or ending with the search term. This depends as per your choice.

This is tool is like Lean Domain Search. This tool provides you all possibilities of the entered keyword.

Let me explain to you. Type keyword (E.g Stitching) and click on Generate.

Namemesh blog domain names list

This tool also shows you whether the domain is available or not. Also, it will provide all possible opportunities for the domain. 


These were my secrets to generate unlimited blog names list. You have learned that even names affect human psychology. People will engage with your articles having an attractive name.

You can use niche in the domain name. This will help your readers to understand the intent of the blog. I also mentioned the blog names list to pick names for blogs. I have shared platforms to find a business name or blog name for your brand.

This way you can choose the name and start your blogging journey.

How to find blog names?

There are various platforms to find blog name. These are called blog name generators. Some of the popular blog name generators are:-
1. Business Name Generator
2. BizNameWiz
3. Namelix


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