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What is blog submission? Bloggers are looking for high domain authority websites. This is required to increase their own website’s authority. 

People use blog submission sites to boost their link-building strategy. In this article, I will show you high to low domain authority websites to improve the website’s off-page SEO.

High domain authority blog and article submission boost your Search Engine Results Page.

Another advantage of article submission sites is they help to grow traffic to your websites and receive high-quality backlinks.

Blog Submission Sites

These sites help to boost your off-page SEO score and build the domain authority. You submit your articles or blogs to these websites and get quality backlinks to your website.

However, you need to take care while submitting blog posts. 

There’s no use of submitting articles to deleted or low domain authority websites.

It can increase your website’s spam score and drop your search engine rankings.

Web rankings sites for SEO

This graph shows the domain authority increase by submitting to posts to high authority websites.

Importance of blog submission

There are many benefits of submitting articles. I have found the top 4 benefits of blog submission in 2020.

i) Boosts link building strategy

You must have heard about the term “Content is the King!”

Well, this is true. But, there are some blog niches on which content is not enough to rank on search engines.

For these niches, you need to boost your link building strategy.

Read more about link building strategies

ii) Increase blog traffic

Yes! You have read it right. Blog submission websites can help you gain blog traffic. Many bloggers are searching for these sites to gain instant website traffic.

iii) Improve website rankings

Now, these sites help you gain traffic. This, eventually, gains high quality backlinks. 

Increase in quality links can help you improve website rankings.

iv) Grows domain authority

Your link building strategy is improved. You can easily improve domain authority of website.

These are some of the benefits of directory submission. You can submit posts and boost your search engine rankings.

Guidelines to submit a post

In this section, I will show you some tips to submit blog post and some practices to avoid.

Make an excel sheet

Record the blog sites for submission with their domain authority. Also, sort free and paid sites to reduce confusion.

Refer to this sheet to record blog sites and improve off-page SEO campaigns.

Blog submission sheet

You can create this sheet and record all websites with domain authority. This sheet will help you analyze your submission campaign and work according to it.

Get BEST DEALS For Bloggers In 2020

Create an account

Many sites require an account associated with submitting a post.

You need to create an account and grow your link building strategy.

In this section, I will show you how to create an account with Yarabook site. You can use this process with other websites too.

Yarabook site sign-up

Write a post

Fill up your details and click on create blog to write a post.

blog article submission site

Enter title and blog description

Add the title to your blog and write an attractive description to get more clicks. This will increase your click-through rates.

how to do blog submission

Paste the blog link

Add content to your article and paste the blog link to submit your blog. This will help you get a high-quality backlink from this site. You can use this as your blog submission template.

how to do blog submission in seo

These were some of the tips to submit a post. You can use similar tactics to publish a blog to high domain authority websites.

The next step is the blog submission guidelines. These include some of the practices you must avoid before submitting a post.

Blog Submission Guidelines

I. No Spamming

This is an important instruction for every blogger who is reading this article!

You have to submit at most 5 blog posts in a day. More submission can lead to spamming and increase the risk of spam score.

II. Avoid submitting more than one link in one post

You can submit one link at a time in a post. If you are adding more than one links, it leads to spamming.

You can write different blog posts to submit more links to improve off-page SEO.

III. Avoid low domain authority websites

You can improve your web traffic and domain authority by targeting quality websites.

Check DA of the website

High DA Article Submission Sites In 2020

Sr. No. Site Name DA
1Hub Pages92
2 Ezine Articles 88
3 Article City 48
4 Article Cube 48
5 Live Journal 93
6 Site Promotion Directory 36
7 Arcwm 23
8 Sooper Articles 53
9 Amazines 49
10 Articles Factory 50
11 Article Alley 55
12 A1 Articles 35
13 Promotion World 49
14 Article Biz 42
15 Article Geek 33
16 All The Websites 35
17 Article Bliss 38
18 How To Advice 43
19 Look-4it 18
20 Simply Search 4it 29
21 Abilogic 50
22 Other Articles 23
23 123 Article Online 36
24 Article Kit 15
25 W Articles 13
26 Large Article 28
27 Article Catalog 18
28 Jump Articles 7
29 Share Health Tips 6
30 Article Slash 40

These were some of my choices for blog submission. I will also present you lists of different sites with different domain authority.

50+ sites for blog submission  

  • (DA 88 )
  • (DA 89)
  • (DA 88)
  • (DA 92)
  • (DA 88)
  • (DA 91)
  • (DA 86 )
  • (DA 51) 
  • (DA 55)
  • (DA 62)
  • (DA 55)
  • (DA 47)
  • (DA 40)
  • (DA 51)
  • (DA 46)
  • (DA 45)
  • (DA 42)
  • (DA 53)
  • (DA 45)
  • (DA 42)
  • (DA 30)
  • (DA 39)
  • (DA 39)
  • (DA 36)           
  • (DA 30)
  • (DA 31)
  • (DA 30)
  • (DA 38)
  • (DA 38)
  • (DA 27)
  • (DA 39)
  • (DA 34)
  • (DA 37)
  • (DA 39)
  • (DA 83)
  • (DA 18)
  • (DA 24)
  • (DA 24)
  • (DA 48)
  • (DA 32)
  • (DA 13)
  • (DA 23)
  • (DA 22)
  • (DA 61)
  • (DA 28)
  • (DA 26)
  • (DA 27)
  • (DA 27)
  • (DA 31)
  • (DA 20)
  • (DA 24)
  • (DA 25)
  • (DA 23)
  • (DA 18)
  • (DA 26)
  • (DA 17)
  • (DA 27)
  • (DA 36)
  • (DA 21)
  • (DA 17)
  • (DA 24)
  • (DA 24)
  • (DA 32)
  • (DA 52)
  • https://www. (DA 62)
  • (DA 31)
  • (DA 35)
  • (DA 84)
  • (DA 45)
  • (DA 14)
  • (DA 72)
  • (DA 89)
  • (DA 92)
  • (DA 25)
  • (DA 37)
  • (DA 79)
  • (DA 50)
  • (DA 88)
  • (DA 93)
  • (DA 94)
  • (DA 93)


That’s it! These were some blog submission directories that will help you boost your website’s domain authority.

These sites will also help you get high-quality backlinks and upgrade the link building strategy. There are also free article submission sites and social bookmarking sites to boost search engine rankings and search traffic of your website.

Also, it will help you get enough referral traffic through these websites. Another advantage of blog submission is you can boost your search engine results. It will help you get organic traffic through search engines.

How do I submit a blog?

1. Add a relevant title:-
Add title for your blog post. You can use power words to grab attention of readers.
Avoid long titles. Keep it short.
2. Write short description
This is similar to meta description. You need to describe the topic in short before you begin.
You can explain it in points. This will enable readers to get an idea about the topic.
3. Fill the content including text, images and infographics
People love to read text. But, researchers have found that people can understand through images format.
Infographics is a vital source to grab attention of readers.

What is a blog directory?

A blog directory is a place where you can submit your blogs. You can submit your blogs to educate people. This also allows you boost your link building strategy.
You can boost off-page SEO score and get high website rankings.
This is the best method who want to increase website traffic and improve domain authority.

Which are do follow blog posting sites?

These are high DA blog posting sites.
1. (DA 88 )
2. (DA 89)
3. (DA 88)
4. (DA 92)
5. Find More


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