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Content Marketing is one of the most popular industry today. Different types of content marketing strategies are governing our website traffic and our business.

It is not only the textual content on the website but also images and videos.

People are often not interested in reading long paragraphs and learning from them.

They love to engage with attractive and amazing content like infographics, HD videos, etc.

SEO is also an important factor to grow your website traffic.

However, it’s too time-consuming. I actually recommend you not to be dependant on on-page SEO.

Improving on-page SEO is important. But, still, you cannot get much traffic only from improving SEO.

Rather, I’ll suggest you use “word of mouth” technique.

This helps you drive more business through referral sources.

I have also found many people focusing on improving search engine rankings. Yes, It’s a good thing to improve your rankings.

You need to a lot of work on SEO to improve your rankings. You need to grab many valuable backlinks to grow your rankings.

I have found some tricks to grow your rankings.

More traffic and low bounce rates can improve your rankings.

Social media marketing is a popular source to drive more traffic to your business.

Bounce rates can be improved by increasing your page load speed.

Using valuable content and posting on social media can improve your website traffic.

Today, I’ll show you how you can use content marketing to make your business popular.

1. What is Content Marketing?

In simple words, content marketing is all about creating valuable content for your customers and promoting your business.

It’s about creating content for people to engage with your business activities.

It’s a long-term strategy and also results are not so quick compared to paid advertising.

You can leverage high traffic through content marketing strategy.

Also, it is recommended that you should post relevant content for your customers.

Sometimes, several marketers use content marketing strategy for advertising. This is usually done to buy a specific product or participate in quizzes or contests.

For bloggers, I suggest you focus on infographics.

Infographic is a great content to drive more traffic to your website. You can also add embed code in your infographic.

Also, bloggers use various advertising posters for selling their e-books or services. 

You can also create content to boost your affiliate marketing campaigns.

I also suggest you make a schedule of posting your content online.

7 Day Content Marketing Strategy

I have made my 7-day schedule for effective content marketing strategy. 

This always avoids my confusion to create content.

2. Content Marketing Strategy

In 2019, marketers are spending thousands of dollars on content.

According to researches, 43% of the marketing budget is spent on content.

This strategy produces high website traffic and boosts your search engine rankings.

Usually, bloggers make a profit from these strategies.

Content marketing strategy is growing on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Twitter- a micro-blogging platform is one of the primary sources to grow your business.

You can post high-quality images, infographics, video, audio, etc.

I would say content marketing is a vital source to grow high-engaging website traffic.

Due to high-traffic, your SEO rankings are increased. This, eventually, has reduced high bounce rates and led to high conversion rates.

3. How to create engaging content?

Engaging content is necessary. Irrelevant content can loose your online presence and may decrease your sales.

I’ll show you the step-by-step process to create amazing content that will make your business popular.

A.    Create more content

High content can increase your search engine rankings. Your content must be at least 2000 words.

It’s just like YouTube. Your video content doesn’t rank for your keywords if your content is less than 10 minutes.

Write blogs in detail.

I’ll suggest you write on practical topics.

E.g. Avoid writing on the concept. Rather, describe the blog in solving practical problems.

Nowadays, people are more attached to Google and they can get conceptual information on Google.

Whether you are blogging or creating any content, your content should help your customers.

This will create more engagement on your website.

Create content related to case studies.

Case studies are popular and people love to read and share different case studies.

People learn from case studies and improve themselves.

Also, it explains what you can accomplish and achieve life goals.

B. Compact your data

Few people are interested in reading the whole content of your website.

Many professionals don’t even read the whole content.

You can still help them out.

Create infographics, videos, etc. 

Infographics can store tons of information. You can explain your blog in an infographic. 

Infographics are effective for your content marketing strategy to boost your business

You can reach a wider audience. You can post these infographics on social media platforms.

Displaying information in the form of shapes and attractive colors can eventually, increase your profile visitors and engagements.

Try to show charts, statistics instead of writing each line.

Make use of animated videos. One advantage of animated videos is you don’t need any resource to shoot the content.

Marketers focus on more content creation than curation and syndication. 

 Content Marketer Strategy

Whether you are blogging or creating any content, your content should help your customers.

This will create more engagement on your website.

Create content related to case studies. 

Case studies are popular and people love to read and share different case studies.

People learn from case studies and improve themselves.

Also, it explains what you can accomplish and achieve life goals.

C. Content Promotion

The most important thing in any content strategy is promotion.

Word of mouth plays a role in this strategy. I always promote my content.

The reason is that you can get more visitors through promotion.

Content creation is important. But, it is not only the content which makes you popular.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a popular source to promote your business.

Pie Chart SMM vs SEO

I have found that social media drives more traffic than SEO.

Popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram can drive more traffic to your website.

4. Importance of Content Promotion

We learned content promotion improves your website traffic. There are a few more advantages of this promotion.

Promotion increases your website traffic and boosts your search engine rankings.

There’s also the possibility of growing your niche community and eventually visitors are converted into customers.

content marketing promotion

Guest blogging is also a source to get more traffic. Blogging helps to grow your brand in a social community.

Marketers focus on advertising to increase sales.

5. Get started with Content Marketing

I have explained to you how content marketing is useful for you. In this section, I’ll show you different content types to grow your brand.

i. Textual Content

We have discussed earlier content. I’ll elaborate it more. Textual content more focuses on blogging or e-books.

SEO plays a vital role in the textual content.

Google crawlers can sense text and textual content help to increase your search engine rankings.

Most of the web content is textual. 

Also, focus on styling the text. Make it bold & italic wherever it’s required.

On-page SEO is important in articles and e-books.

Use keywords in your content.

Also, remember; try to use keywords up to 10 times to avoid over-optimization.

You can use long-tail keywords to improve search engine rankings.

ii. Catchy Infographics

Infographics are a type of content that displays tons of information in a graphical format.

You can present information using colors, shapes or charts.

Chart presenting content marketing strategy

Also, avoid using too many colors. The aim of every infographic is simply to convey the information to your audience.

There are 5 popular types of infographics.

a. Process infographics

b. Timeline infographics

c. Geographical infographics

d. Statistical infographic

e. Informational infographic

You can divide the page into sections to represent the information in graphical format.

Add the title of the infographic and add your logo and website at the bottom.

I also recommend you add an embed code below it. It is profitable if people use your infographic, you’ll get a backlink.

Backlinks can increase your rankings and online presence.

iii. Amazing Videos

Video marketing is rising day-by-day. Almost, 25% of your audience is engaged in videos.

People often love learning from videos.

Researchers have found people daily spend at least 90 minutes on YouTube.

A 30 seconds brand promotion drives high traffic to your business.

Informational videos can be extended up to 5 minutes on IGTV.

YouTube doesn’t rank for videos having a length less than 10 minutes.

I suggest you add process videos on YouTube.

E.g if you have computer repairing business, then try uploading videos of assembling the computer.

Blogging vs Vlogging

Blogs are less engaging than vlogs.

Vlogs can help to increase more engagement in your business.

iv. Creative Podcasts

This is an amazing form of content. Either you can perform alone or you can do with your friend or partner.

Podcast Content

You can present information ranging from 3 to 10 minutes.

Soundcloud is a popular platform for commencing your podcast channel.

Every content can increase the chance to leverage your business.

Podcasts help you grow your content marketing strategy and i

v. Animated Videos

This similar to video content. Animated videos allow you to present information with limited resources.

You don’t require to shoot your videos. It can be easily made online or graphical software.

Animated videos are useful and people love to engage with your content.

vi. PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations are also great content for marketing. B2B marketing can make more use of it.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy

However, bloggers can boost their content from these presentations.

You can make brilliant presentations on the internet. You can also learn tactics from YouTube and build presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint.

6. Best tools for Content Marketing

For a successful strategy, you’ll need some of the best tools to create your awesome content.

I have the best tools, which are paid as well as free. I never recommend that paid tools are always better than free.

It’s up to your choice.

I. Grammarly

Most of them may have heard about Grammarly. It’s a popular tool to sharpen your textual content and stand different from the crowd.

Grammarly offers you a free and premium version.

It is quite affordable to buy a premium plan. However, you can sign-up as an affiliate to get benefits of premium sources.

The free version offers you avoid common grammatical errors and spelling errors.

If you’re looking for plagiarism checker or proofreading, then the premium plan is a good option for you.

You can set up your language style as informal or formal. The suggestions will be different as per your selection.

II. Small SEO Tools

This is a free tool to check your grammatical errors.

Small SEO tool also provides service to check the plagiarism of content.

It also focuses on SEO elements like keywords, backlink generator, etc.

An article re-writer is a great feature of this tool. You simply need to paste your content and proceed for rewriting. This feature helps you add some transitive words in your content.

Keyword Density

You can also check keyword density in this tool. You can add the website URL or text.

It shows the load time of your website and identifies high keyword density words on your website.

III. Piktochart

Piktochart is a popular platform to build infographics. This is a free and paid platform.

You can make up to 5 infographics in the free version. Also, Piktochart watermark appears at the bottom of the infographic.

This tool provides attractive features of adding a chart, stylish texts, etc.

You can also make flyers, posters, and presentations for your business.

You don’t need any experience in graphic designing. You can follow their instructions and make an amazing infographic that will drive high traffic to your business.

IV. Microsoft PowerPoint

This tool is useful to make infographic as well as presentations. There are many YouTube channels on making an infographic on PowerPoint.

One of favorite is POWERUP POWERPOINT. This channel shows almost all great ideas to make your infographics attractive. 

Presentations are easy and you can add animations to it.

V. Openshot

It is a free and open-source video editing software. You can edit your videos and trim it.

It has animation features to float-in, fly-in or bounce. You can animate almost anything in your video.

If you want a new background for your videos, you can do that. This feature allows you to add any image or color in the background.

You can control the time of the video. You can make it fast, slow or even reverse.

It’s the easiest video editing software and you can leverage your business.

VI. Skype

You may have been using Skype for online calls, messaging, etc. However, Skype can record audio. This feature enables you for the production of podcasts.

You can record the calls and make an mp3 copy of it.

You simply need to download the Skype recorder to record your calls. Install it and start recording the conversation.

Export the audio file in your desktop in any format.

VII. Audacity

This is an open-source audio recording and editing software. It’s free software.

You can record live video through a microphone or any other audio device.

You can import sound files. Also, you can export into different file formats.

It supports different sound qualities like 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit.

It contains a special feature to analyze the frequency of video.

It has a spectrogram view mode.

This mode can visualize and select the frequencies.

VIII. Powtoon

You can make awesome videos and presentations on Powtoon. 

This is a free and paid software.

It’s a great platform to create beautiful animated videos to grab the attention of your colleagues and clients in any business situation.

You can also make educational videos. Students are not interested in reading big fat books.

You can explain the concept through videos and make them a super learner.

It has various templates. These templates can simply editable.

You can create an explainer video or animated videos to post on your website or YouTube channel.

These animated videos improve your content marketing strategy.


I hope you now have the idea to use different content to increase your business in the market.

Content Marketing has been easy these days and you drive as much as traffic to your business and grow your brand. You also need to focus on SEO to improve your search engine rankings.

However, you must make your content noisy in the market. The more you make it, the more you can leverage your business.

Focus on your target audience to improve your productivity and you’ll get results.

Do you have any content marketing strategy?

Why content marketing strategy is needed?

Content marketing strategy helps you create different content for your audience. You can provide them value and boost your business.

What are different types of content used in content strategy?

1. Audio
2. Video
3. Images
4. Infographics
5. Memes
6. Presentations
7. And many more

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