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5 hidden strategies to boom blog traffic with content marketing and social media marketing.


✅ Creating content but unable to produce enough traffic and brilliant results.

✅ Struggling with lack of content Ideas.

✅ Feeling stuck at one point due to lack of social media knowledge.

Content Ideas Ebook


I have found newbies struggling to find best content for their blog and due to that, they lack blog traffic. There was a time when even I used to struggle to get the blog traffic. I learned and polished my content marketing as well as social media marketing skills to get intense traffic in a very short time. This book will help you build content marketing skills which will result gleaming traffic to your blog.

Why I wrote this book?

To be honest, I tried to give my readers the value they are searching for and the ones who are not getting results due their lack of content ideas. I believe everyone can generate hell amount of traffic after getting these “content ideas handbook”.

If you are worrying because of your old beliefs about content, then…

You do not need to worry!

 The intent of this e-book is make you clear that it is not only the text, which helps to drive traffic. It is necessary to include lots of eye-catchy content for your audience. You will master these skills as you progress in reading this book and practice it.

If you invest in this book, it would be the best decision of your life.

Because in this book I have shared my all the past successful year’s experience, that will give you a massive value.

What People Say About The Content Ideas Handbook?

Shubham Mohol
Shubham Mohol
Bro after seeing your content of content ideas handbook.... It's feeling like.... From tomorrow only we can do our best in blogging field. Even i was not knowing about that which color makes attractive and eye catching. The pic chart and the use of social media brings an positivity in this field. One word I can say that.... It is awesome!
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
Riddhish Brother you thank you for this amazing e-book I really appreciate your work, I read it one time and got so much awesome ideas really now i am going to apply all those ideas in my blog post and also got so many ideas for content. love this e-book thank you brother ❤️
Hemant Mittal
Hemant Mittal
Riddhish! Content Ideas Handbook is an awesome book which helped me to grow my blog traffic from scratch. I'm a beginner and this book helped me to drive social media traffic to my blog. Thank you so much!
Kaustubh Bhor
Kaustubh Bhor
Content Ideas Handbook the most resourceful e-book for me. I have been reading many content marketing blogs & books. But, this book has super ideas to charge my marketing campaigns. Thanks Riddhish For This Book!

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What Will This Book Teach You?

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Why content is important?

“Content is the quality information you provide for your audience with an intention to educate and provide more value regarding any subject.” It is not necessary that the information must be strictly in textual format. The intent is to provide valuable data with help of content like texts, images, videos, etc.

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How to drive traffic through  content?

It is hard to write impressive content for your readers. But, it is not IMPOSSIBLE! Impressive content does not mean to write only long content. It is necessary to add amazing flavours like images, videos, etc.

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What are different content ideas other than textual content?

I have seen bloggers struggling to write long paragraphs of textual content. This loses interest to read our blog content. You need to mix five content ideas (mentioned in “Content Ideas Handbook”) to grab the attention of your audience to convert them into loyal readers.

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How content marketing & social media marketing go hand-in-hand?

Highway to succeed in content marketing is to apply five these (mentioned in “Content Ideas handbook”) hidden content marketing strategies. This boosts blog traffic as well as grab social media traffic to your website. It is necessary to drive social media traffic to boost your daily visitors.

3 Reasons To Buy Content Ideas Handbook

Content Ideas Handbook

I Have Shared My Experiences

The strategies I’m showing you in this book I’m also applying in my daily work and getting amazing results.

Content Ideas Handbook

Easy To Use

You do not need a high qualification and experience to applying these rules, you can use these strategies from today and can make your blogging journey full of content.

Content Ideas Handbook

No More Excuse

You cannot give any excuse because the ideas I have shared works like a charm.


If you buy this book TODAY, you will get a special bonus right to your

Words From Author

Riddhish Chaudhari

Author of Content Ideas Handbook:

Riddhish Chaudhari

Dear Bloggers, I know how it feels. When you sit down on workplace and found yourself blank (without content ideas).

There was a time same happened to me. But, I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t gave up on my dream.

Can you imagine where I’d be if I let my doubts and fears take over me?

You are on the same place now and I can understand everything and every feeling of yours. I’m happy you won’t need to face same struggle or situation because I have shared my all the knowledge and experience in this E-Book.

That will ensure your success in blogging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The book consists of 41 pages giving you massive value equipped with tools to develop your content marketing & social media marketing skill.

Of Course! This book shows you different strategies to create incredible content to drive booming blog traffic.

This e-book shows you both free as well as paid methods to gain brilliant skills. I, personally have used free methods to develop my skills.

Once you make the payment, you can download the e-book from “view order” section. The bonuses will be mailed you within one day.