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If you are a blogger, then you must have probably heard a practice of using Document Sharing Sites To Boost Off-Page SEO.

In this article, we will be exploring what actually document sharing sites are and how they are used to boost off-page SEO.

This article contains a list of 50+ Document Sharing Sites which can be used to boost off-page SEO to fullest.

What are document sharing sites?

These are the websites that create a platform to share PDFs over the internet this is done by using web 2.0 features like uploading, downloading, commenting etc.

On such sites, one can upload or post the documents in various formats like pdf, PowerPoint, word etc.

Examples of such sites would be,,

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How do we benefit from these sites?

Bloggers are interested in link building. They submit their blog documents like blog submission, article directories, etc to boost their off-page SEO score.

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If one uploads documents which provide a great value to readers and also is made available to download, it can increase the visibility and recognition of brand over social media websites.

Sharing sites are also used to build high-quality backlinks and boost .domain authority and page authority

List of documents sharing sites :-

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Documents sharing sites also provide a convenient way to store, manage and distribution of documents

You can use these for building backlinks and hence boosting SEO, they are also used for increasing visibility, reach and recognition of brand their by brand value

Which are best document sharing sites?

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