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Email Marketing! It’s a great platform to push your blog or your product or business to the next level. I would be introducing about email marketing, how it is useful in marketing and most important, some tips to generate high results from email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email is an electronic mail is used to send and receive messages. Nowadays, email is generally sent through Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Marketing is promoting a product or service and selling it. So, combining both email and marketing is email marketing.

Email Marketing is a type of message used to promote a business or a service.

Email Marketing is a way to communicate with your customers to increase your brand equity. This gives the high potential to reach online consumers.

The goal of email marketing is not only getting the message to the customer but also to encourage open rates and explore how customers are interacting with your email. Email Marketing has a little chance of succeeding. The true potential of email marketing is when it is integrated with your current digital marketing strategy.

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Let’s get started with Email Marketing

Before starting into it, whether its email marketing or social media marketing or any other marketing, the first step is to set your goal! This is the most crucial step in any discipline before achieving the results.

1. Set your goal

Set and reach your goals
Set and reach your goals

The goal is defined to win or get the desired results. You must be motivated, plan to win, prepare to win and then expect to win when you have taken certain steps to achieve your goal. The goal you define in email marketing can be to increase your sales or if you’re running a blog, then to increase traffic to your website. It must be clear what you actually want from your email marketing campaign. Always define measurable goals such as 100 visitors a day to my website. It must be specific to get required results.

2. Schedule your emails

Email Scheduling
Email Scheduling

Email scheduling is important from the view of your customers as they are aware when they should expect an email from you. Email scheduling should be consistent and relevant content must be sent to avoid spam emails. You should also learn about demographics to send emails to a particular age, gender, etc. Email marketing campaigns must be analysed to find the right time to send the mail.

According to research, the conclusion is Tuesday is the best day to send emails around 10 am.

3. Be stylish and professional

Stylish and Professional

Choose an effective style whether formal or informal as per your business and use high performing content. Use images or posters to drag attention to your product or service. Being consistent with your styles will definitely improve your market identity. Use Grammarly to check any grammatical error and make your email look like a pro!

Next step is being professional. This is important to maintain a strong relationship with your customer or client. Professionalism improves your email marketing campaign.

After all, you represent your company and you need to think about the kind of image you want to create for your company through this marketing campaign.

Result-oriented email

In order to run an email marketing campaign, it is necessary to know some tips to achieve your goal.

√ Plan your email beforehand

√ Note down what you want to convey

√ Prepare yourself by writing a rough draft

√ Present it in a readable manner

√ Be clear, concise and coherent

√ Use simple words with short sentence constructions

√ Avoid flowery, poly-syllabic words, long and complicated sentences

i. Pay attention to subject lines

Subject lines are too much important in email marketing. Special care must be taken while mentioning the subject of the email. Usually, emails are considered spam if there’s NO SUBJECT!

Subject lines also describe the psychology of a writer. Whether you are casual, uncouth, lazy or sincere, serious, meticulous, dedicated, professional, sophisticated or stylish. NO SUBJECT also indicates that sender is unmindful of precious time the receiver has to spend in the opening, reading and understanding the subject, and quite often realize that it is an irrelevant message and needs to be deleted.

ii. Attractive content

Content is the King

Content plays a significant role in email marketing. When it comes to content, be specific to convey your message. Never repeat your subject of email and content. This loses the sense of email or message you’re trying to convey.

Writing a report and a lead nurture email are completely different situations and you should not use the default template for all types of emails. Templates can work as a guideline, but each new email should be something fresh.

The type of email can influence the path you approach the writing method as a result various types require a completely different kind of language to be used as their focus is different.

Regardless of the type, regardless of the language, you always have to have a goal in mind. Guided by this goal, you will be able to write a message that encourages actions that will fulfil that goal.

iii. Focus on your marketing campaign

Email Marketing Campaign

After all, it’s our marketing campaign and we are writing an email to drag more customers to buy your product or visit your website. Avoid using philosophical content and add more stylish and attractive content so that the reader isn’t bored.

√ Create quizzes or contest so that more people are engaged with your service or website.

√ Impress your recipients by saving some exclusive content and giveaways for email subscribers.

√ Make conversation a habit so that you keep nurturing the relationship with the subscribers.

√ Ask for feedback to further improve your email marketing.

Top 3 Email Marketing Tools

A. Aweber

Aweber is most popular email marketing tool. This marketing tool provides a variety of tools from startup to huge companies. The tool itself is simple way with drag-and-drop features that help you decorate your own email. It can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, etc.

B. Hubspot

This tool is the most advanced tool of them all, as it comes with an attractive features and tools that are significantly designed to help you to accomplish your tasks. Hubspot is usually preferred for medium to large organization. Popular features like free Hubspot CRM, marketing hub, sales hub, service hub can push your business to achieve the targets.

C. Sendicate

Sendicate represents another simplified version of an email app, but it is quite enough for a regular email campaign. Exciting features like compose your emails, manage messages, statistics and reporting, segment subscribers, sign up forms and much more. Sendicate provides you free as well as paid plans. Plans in sendicate are decided as per the number of subscribers subscribed in a month. Free plan allows till 500 subscribers. The interface is easy to use with a few predesigned templates, as well as a full set of tools to create your own custom email layouts.


So, these were my tips and tricks to be a great email marketer. Email marketing strategies can differ and results may vary as per your effort. These ideas will help you take advantage of email marketing to drive traffic on your website, but always have in mind that you first need to generate this traffic with catchy, optimized email.

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