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Kik is a moment messaging platform that’s very fashionable with teenagers and young adults everywhere the planet . it’s available on both the favored mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Users can send messages, images, gifs, emojis, and videos with other users one to at least one and even with a gaggle of individuals.

Kik is understood for preserving users’ anonymity because it allows users to register without the necessity to supply a phone number or a legitimate email address. This anonymity feature has attracted tons of individuals to the present platform.

Your username is your primary identity on Kik and details like an email address or phone number aren’t made public on the app All you would like to feature someone and chat with them is to understand the opposite person’s username and you’re good to travel .

Currently, there are tons of messaging apps on the market that provide better features and security than Kik. thereupon being said, the time may need come to mention goodbye to Kik. during this article, we’ll guide you to permanently delete your Kik account.

This article also will assist you deactivate your Kik account if you only want to require an opportunity from Kik and are available around later.

Why to delete Kik account?

Kik takes pride in its platform with the anonymity feature but there are quite few drawbacks to the present supposed feature. you simply need an email, birthdate, and username to make a Kik account.

This suggests other users only see a minimal amount of data about one another . The app also deletes message histories after a while . Although anonymity could be an honest feature, Kik has other vulnerabilities and concerns. allow us to check out a number of these reasons why you ought to believe deleting your Kik account.

  • As an anonymous platform, Kik is susceptible to child exploitation from other users who are usually older than their counterparts. Users have reportedly said that they need been victims of cyberbullying and threats. and therefore the other thing worse than this is often that Kik hesitates to supply data when required by the authorities to research such cases.
  • Kik also seems to lack parental control or guidance when it involves teenagers using the platform. Teens can easily bypass the safety measures and gain access to the app without much hassle. This puts children at a high risk of scams, exploitation, or cyberbullying from strangers.
  • Kik users also don’t got to verify their accounts with a legitimate telephone number or email address. Users can remain anonymous and this results in a scarcity of accountability when something unethical or illegal event takes place. This lack of transparency may be a major issue that leaves the perpetrator unaccountable and scot-free.
  • Even though Kik boasts its anonymity feature, it’s very poor security and privacy measures in situ . It lacks the critical end-to-end encryption standard utilized in various other messaging platforms. Kik can see all of your messages if it wishes to. the shortage of encryption also makes it easier for hackers and criminals to intercept your messages. Kik also has the power to trace its users’ locations by tracing your IP address.
  • Kik’s ASCII text file has never been available for any independent reviews and audits. This lack of transparency is sketchy and disrespectful towards its userbase. It also doesn’t seem to possess proper documentation on its design and architecture which only means there’s something sketchy happening behind the scenes.
    Because of all of those flaws, Kik isn’t a secure messaging platform in the least . it’s various security risks and privacy issues that shouldn’t be taken lightly. you ought to probably believe deleting your account and switching to a far better platform if you actually care about online safety.

How to delete Kik account forever?

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your username and email address related to your account.
  3. Select a reason for leaving Kik from the dropdown menu.
  4. Now, mark the checkbox labeled, ” I understand that I’m permanently deactivating my account and that i won’t be ready to log in again or reactivate it” checkbox.
  5. Click on the Go! button.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from Kik. Open the e-mail and click on on the Permanently Deactivate button.

You cannot delete the Kik account from mobile app. You need to manually login and then delete your account forever. Just follow the mentioned procedure and your account will be permanently deleted.

Kik account deactivation process

  1. Go to the Kik Account Deactivation Page.
  2. Enter your email address linked together with your account.
  3. Click on Go!.
  4. You’ll receive an email with the link to deactivate the account. Open the confirmation email and click on on Deactivate.

What happens after Kik account deletion?

When you delete your account, your profile are going to be permanently deleted and you’ll not be ready to receive any notifications or messages. Other users also will not be ready to see your username or profile on the platform anymore. all of your messages or conversations also will be deleted permanently. And be warned that you simply won’t be ready to reactivate your account. If you would like to access the platform again, there’s no other option than to make a replacement profile.

But if you simply deactivate your account, it’ll only be temporarily disabled. All the opposite stipulations are going to be an equivalent , apart from the very fact that you simply can reactivate your activate at a later time within the future.

There few alternatives to Kik. You can install those for your own use.

What are alternatives to Kik?

So if you would like to modify to a different platform which may be better in terms of privacy and features you would possibly want to see out these alternatives.

I hope you discover a far better alternative if you select to part ways with Kik permanently . allow us to take a glance at a number of these platforms and provides you a thought of what they’re all about.


Signal may be a messaging platform with state-of-the-art encryption standards despite being less popular. It uses end-to-end encryption which makes your conversations incredibly secure and personal . It uses standard cellular phone numbers as identifiers to attach with other users.

You’ll send text, images, videos and have voice and video conversations while being completely secure. As Signal may be a completely free and open-source platform, you won’t got to worry about your personal data being misused. it’s gained tons of recognition with privacy-conscious users switching to the platform as lately.


Telegram is another secure messaging platform almost like Signal. It allows you to send messages, images, videos, files and allows you to have voice and video conversations with an end-to-end encrypted security standard in situ .

It also uses state-of-the-art security and privacy measures to form communications safe and secure. it’s also gained tons of recognition with privacy concerned users switching to the platform.


Viber is another popular messaging platform that’s secure and feature-rich. you’ll be connected to all or any your contacts who use the platform once you check in for Viber.

All of your personal chats are always protected and personal . Not only are your communications protected by end-to-end encryption by default, but nothing you share is ever stored on Viber’s servers once delivered. Viber also doesn’t hear your conversations or sell your personal data to 3rd parties.


WhatsApp is one among the foremost popular messaging platforms within the world. it’s all the features you would like during a messaging app without all the useless clutter. it’s also considered as a really secure platform because it uses strict security standards to secure your messages and keep them out of reach of malicious hands.

All kinds of WhatsApp messages (including chats, group chats, images, videos, voice messages, and files) and WhatsApp calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. So it’s a secure consideration when it involves a messaging platform.


Discord may be a platform wont to talk, text, and video chat with people. it’s different channels you’ll join with a topic that unites people with similar interests. it’s an outsized number of users with different interests covering every topic imaginable. it’s particularly aimed toward gamers but the Discord community has grown beyond that in recent years and you would possibly just be an honest fit.

Now, I hope you’ll choose a secure , secure, and reliable messaging platform compared to Kik which is laced with security flaws and privacy concerns. Choose a platform that’s best fitted to you.


This is the process of Kik account deletion. I hope this article helped you. You can contact the Kik help center for more such issues.

How do I deactivate my Kik account?

Is it possible to restore Kik account after deletion?

No, it will be deleted forever. You cannot recover the account.

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