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I would be sharing some steps which I found helpful to increase my followers on Instagram. Along with facebook, Instagram is also a great platform to scale your business to next level.

1. Upload high-quality posts
This is the most important step as most of the traffic is interested in engaging with high-quality posters on Instagram.
Some of the high-quality pictures or posters can be designed in Adobe Photoshop or Canva graphic designing app. Also, some high-quality videos can be edited in Filmora video editor software.

2. Add a short and sweet caption
A long caption is not worth unless you are writing a blog post. A caption with two to five words is still effective. It still impacts on your followers on Instagram.

3. Tag relevant Instagram profiles
After your niche is defined, try to tag only those Instagram profiles which are relevant to your post.

4. Use high traffic hashtags
This is also an important step as I have seen people using an irrelevant hashtag or unmatched hashtag. For example, if you have posted a picture of a flower then it’s effectiveness will increase when you’ll use the hashtag of flowers or related to nature. This will give you much benefit.

5. Upload when your traffic is high
This step is one of the crucial step used in most of the social media sites. You’ll get much higher results if you post it when your followers are most engaged with your posts.


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