How To Make Infographic Popular?

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How to make infographics? One of the common questions every marketer has in any niche.

Infographics are high-engaging content marketing elements. You can use different graphics to represent the content to your audience.

In this article, I’ll explain how to make amazing infographics for your work. You can use it in your presentations, business, etc.

So, let’s get started!

1. What Are Infographics?

According to Wikipedia, infographics are a representation of information in a short time through graphical format.

You use different icons, pictures, diagrams, etc. to represent the information.

What is infographics?

Now, you’ll be thinking that I know this, but, how to make an infographic?

Well, don’t worry, I’m going to explain to you each thing in detail.

2. Why Infographics Are Used?

We use many points in our presentation. Also, some concepts are lengthy and often the clients are not interested in reading the long paragraphs.

In this situation, it is necessary to represent information attractively and easy to remember.

Infographics can help us do that. You can use different visuals to present information to get the most out of your business.

In this section, I’ll show you how it’s easy to convert long paragraphs into infographics.

Content Marketing Plan

This is our basic presentation for our clients. Now, it seems too boring to read and hardly someone can remember.

Now, view this infographic. I have converted all points in the above slide into an infographic.

Content Marketing Infographics

Here, you have an idea of how to make the best infographics for our presentation.

You can represent any information in a graphical format and get your work done!

3. Who Can Use Infographics?

There’s no specific profession to use infographics.

They are:-

• Students

• Teachers

• Marketing Agents

• YouTubers & Bloggers

• Businessman

• and many more

You can use wherever you want to represent information in graphical format.

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4. How To Make Beautiful Infographics?

Creating stylish and quick infographics is a challenging job. However, creating a quick infographic cannot get you more traffic.

You need to provide value for your audience. Also, the targeted audience will be visitors who are more likely to be converted to customers.

I have great infographic ideas to create high-traffic infographics for your work.

i. Determine the Targeted Audience

The importance of targeting an audience is you save your effort promoting your brand everywhere and grow your brand.

Coschedule explains 3 reasons to define your target audience.

3 Reasons To Define Your Target Audience

Now, you know the reason to define the target audience. The next step is determining the target audience.

There are certain strategies to define the target audience.

You can run various ad campaigns or social media promotions to find the right audience.

It depends on three factors:-

• Regional Factors

• Demographic Factors

• Personal Factors

Regional factors, as the name suggests, it depends on various regions.

Nowadays, every social media provides you insights for your marketing campaigns.

You can read this data and identify the regional audience for your brand.

Also, the targeted audience may be in urban, semi-urban or rural areas.

Demographic factors consist of age, family, gender, and income of people.

Usually, many markets use animated video marketing campaigns for the age group of 3 to 11 years of age.

Marketing campaigns can differ as per age group, gender, and income of people.

Personal factors depend on the personality of a person. It’s about how a person will react to your products/services.

Various personalities like ambitious, enthusiastic, positive, indifferent, etc. can affect your marketing campaigns.

You need to design such infographics that can attract people to your brand.

ii. Provide Value To Your Audience

One of the secrets of a successful brand is providing value to your customers.

Customers are locked up with their problems. You need to find solutions to their problems.

Focus on designing the best infographics for your audience and grab their attention to your brand.

iii. Identify The Problem

Infographics will perform much better if you focus on solving the problems of people.

Trending content ideas can be found at Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo content research

It’s an easy way to find infographics ideas for a social media audience.

Detailed identification of the problem can be done evaluating two questions:-

  • What is the problem?
  • How it can be resolved?

You can identify problems through social media platforms like Quora.

People often ask questions on this platform and you can get an idea to build infographics providing them the right solutions.

This is the secret way to create an infographic for social media audiences.

iv. Plan Before You Prepare

Planning before you start is a necessary step for every work.

Consider this picture made by CrazyEgg.

CrazyEgg Infographics

You can decide to plan each element before preparation.

v. Apply Effective Visuals

Using effective visuals will play a vital role in content marketing.

Visual content says more than 20% of people remember information through visuals.

Also, infographics are simply a great form of visual to represent textual information attractively.

I have made an infographic to elaborate on the concept of visuals which will help you grow your conversion rates.

Infographics Content

Leveraging infographics can boost your conversions rates by 56%.

Also, it increases engagements and creates value among customers.

People read less than 30% of texts on a website.

It’ll be useful to relate concepts using infographics to your audience.

vi. Use charts & icons

You can explain statistical concepts through bar charts, pie charts, etc.

There are infographic templates available or you can upload a chart for your infographic.

Also, you can create charts on Microsoft PowerPoint and then use it in making an infographic.

Icons are an easy way to relate your concept to people.

You can turn a boring concept to an attractive concept.

There are many platforms online to download free icons for your infographics.

Flaticon is a platform that allows you to download icons free.


You can select on any icon to download and you can download icon to your desktop.

Download Options

You can use these icons by giving credit to the author. Copy the link and add it to your website.

This is one of the methods to download icons for your infographics.

I have one more option for you.

CreativeTail allows you to download icons directly on your desktop.


You simply need to provide your email address and it starts the download.

These are some of my favorite resources to add icons to my infographics.

vii. Leverage Colour Psychology

Color psychology plays a vital role while presenting the visuals.

I’ll be presenting you on how to make amazing infographics with the help of colors.

Colors can give a feeling of dullness or cheerfulness. It depends on how you use it in your infographics.

Colours may represent brand as bold, neutral, enthusiastic, emotional, etc.

Moods of people change as per color formats.

In Las Vegas, people are comfortable with more gambling while playing under red light.

Las Vegas

Red light creates warmth and creates a feeling of boldness.

There are many more examples showing the importance of color psychology.

I have found useful information for you that explains the psychological effect of each color.

Color Infographics

This color psychology helps you create beautiful infographics for your presentations.

viii. Use Visible & Stylish Fonts

Fonts display the presence of your brand. People judge your brand through your fonts.

Many brands prefer font psychology for their logo texts and infographics.

As I have explained for colors, even fonts psychology can affect your infographics.

Avoid using over-stylish fonts for B2B marketing purposes. The reason is that you need to deal with professionals and professionals love bold and elegant attitude.

I’ll be showing you some fonts to use while making a brilliant infographic.

Gestalt Theory,” says people try to find meanings from different parts of the text.

People try to find messages conveying from the text.

Elaborating further, Venngage explains Netflix Font Psychology.

Font Psychology

Two major fonts affect the psychology of your audience.

i) Serif Font

Serif Font

This font describes stability and down to earth attitude.

It describes calmness and confidence. This font develops trust among your audience and more likely to become your loyal customers.

Usually, B2B brands prefer this font.

Also, using this font in your infographics can get more attention and more social shares.

ii) Sans Serif Fonts

Microsoft-Sans Serif Fonts

This font is used for modern and trustworthy brands.

People love to read and learn from it and apply it in their work.

This font also gives a feeling of security.

Usually, I use this font to create infographics on technology.

ix. Use High-Quality Images

In this section, high-quality images are referred to as the quality of infographics. Ensure the image quality of infographics. It shouldn’t be blurred to appear.

People love clear infographics and often less likely share blurred infographics.

Also, avoid creating congested infographics. Create a simple and informative infographic for your audience to get more traffic on your website.

x. Add Sources In Footer

Adding information sources in infographics is necessary. You can add sources at the bottom of infographics.

You need to add only one to two sources to every infographic.

Infographics sources

You can add this way to your infographics.

Also, adding sources in the infographics can avoid plagiarism.

5. Types Of Infographics

These were some of the ideas to create infographic content for your infographics.

Now, I’ll show you different types of infographics to be used to represent information.

I’ll also describe the importance of each infographic for your work.

i. Statistical Infographic

As the name implies, infographics represent statistics of any product, service or concept.

You can add different reports, charts and create infographics for presentations.

You can also use icons to represent the concept.

Statistical Infographics

A statistical infographic is also used to represent tons of information in numbers.

Use different color combinations, icons and charts to create a statistical infographic.

ii. Informational Infographic

As the name suggests, this infographic is used to represent information about any concept, product or service.

This varies as per your industry and use of an infographic.

This infographic is also used to represent detail information on the topic.

Typically, an informational infographic can be created using icons, images, numbers, etc. You can add a title and description for each element in the infographic.

Informational Infographics

In this infographic, it is observed that it’s not necessary to present the information in sequence.

You can use any order of your choice.

iii. Timeline Infographic

You must have observed infographics that represent workflow by timeline.

Here, a timeline simply means the time to execute the work. This infographic is also used to represent the past to future information.

Timeline Infographics

This infographic clearly shows the timeline of years of tradition.

You can show the evolution of your product or service through this infographic.

iv. Process Infographic

Process infographic is used to represent the step-by-step process infographic.

Now, in this infographic, it is necessary to follow the sequence for a better understanding of your audience.

How to create a blog?

This infographic shows 5-steps to build a successful blog.

This way you can easily create a process infographic.


This is all about infographics. I hope you learned how to make infographics.

Infographics help you boost your organic traffic and increases your brand equity.

Also, it helps you provide value to your audience. It is easier to remember and an attractive look makes people engaged with your brand.

I also suggest you provide more value to your audience through infographics.

Also, understand the influence of color psychology in infographics.

Colors will decide the mood of your audience and they’ll respond accordingly.

At last, I briefly explained about types of infographics.

I hope you found my article useful.

Have you used infographics ever?

How do you create infographic?

Select the topic to create infographic, choose designs, sort each information in proper way for better presentation, leverage color and font psychology.

Which is best online platform to create infographics?

Canva, Piktochart, Visme, Venngage, Infogram and many more.

What are types of infographic?

Statistical infographic, timeline infographic, process infographic, informational infographic, Geographic infographic, Comparison infographic and many more.

What is an infographic?

Infographic is a content used to represent tons of information in graphical format. You can use infographics in your blogs, websites or even in Powerpoint presentations.

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