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Blog in simple terms is a platform to express your ideas and experiences to your readers.
Also, you can provide value to your readers and earn a living through it.

How to start a blog from scratch in 2021?

This is the right place. Blogging is a correct decision in 2021. In this article, I’ll teach you to create a blog and ways to make passive income from a blog.

Some of the core benefits of blogging in 2021:-

Provide value to your readers:- You can express your knowledge, thoughts to your readers and providing them more value.
Grow professional network:– You can connect to pro-bloggers expanding your network in the blogging field.
Make passive income:– You can earn a living through blogs through advertisements, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship and many more.
So, without wasting a single minute, let’s start your dream blogging journey!

This is the ultimate guide for how to start a blog from scratch!

1. Choose a perfect niche for your dream blog

blogging niche

Niche selection is one of the crucial steps to start a blog.
Many bloggers skip this step and later there is little to no chance to grow the blog.
In this section, I’ll teach you how you can choose your passionate and profitable blog.
Let’s assume you will love to write on “photography”.
Google Trends will help you know the popularity of any niche.

Niche selection for blog in 2020

This graph shows there are popular searches for photography niche. But, searches above 75 show the percentage of people searching for photography in a year.
There’s chance that you are confused between many niches. There are wide varieties of best blog niches in 2021.
Well, you don’t need to worry.
Google Trends allows you to compare different niche. You can choose the one having the highest demand.

Niche comparison

Keyword Research

You have selected the niche through Google Trends. The next step is collecting keywords for your blog to rank fast on search engines.
For keyword research, Ubersuggest will help you.
Now, let’s go with our photography niche.

Keyword research for blog in 2020

Type the keyword here and hit the SEARCH button.
You’ll get a list of keywords related to photography. Ranking a blog in 2021 is easy. But, you need to choose low SEO difficulty (SD) keywords. Blogging for beginners have low chances to compete with high SD keywords.

Low SD Keywords

You can save these keywords and start writing blogs on low SD keywords.
This is how you can find a niche and collect valuable keywords for your blog in 2021.
Before moving to the next part, these are some benefits of selecting a perfect niche.

Benefits of choosing a niche for a blog in 2020

2. Choose the best domain for your website

You need to select the best domain for your dream blog. Before proceeding, I need to suggest you buy a fresh domain than an expired domain.
The domains are expired and you can buy these to have a great start for your blog in 2021. The most important factor is domain authority. It’s hard to gain for fresh domains.
In this section, I’ll show some pros and cons of fresh and expired domains before you buy a domain for your blog.

Parameters Fresh Domains Expired Domains
Brand New Old
Rankings Hard Easy
Trust Factor (TF) Low High
Link Building Slow Fast
Domain Authority (DA) Low High

These are some steps to buy an expired domain for your blog in 2021.

Best Domain Name For Your Blog

Best Domain name for your blog in 2020

Choosing the best domain name is one of the confusing parts for every newbie blogger. Well, you don’t need to worry. I’ll show your sources to find the best domain name for your blog.

Namelix is the platform that will help you find the best name for your business.

business name for blog in 2020

You need to type the keyword and hit the generate button.
Let’s go with our example i.e. photography.

blog name length

Select the length of the domain name you want.

? TIP:-

Select the domain short domain name. Your readers can remember and recognize it as a brand.

Blog name style

Select the name style for your domain name. Select next and you’ll see the magic.
It’ll show all combinations for the best domain name for your blog.

Business Names

Once you have chosen your domain name, head towards GoDaddy.

GoDaddy domain for blog in 2020

You need to type the domain name and buy the best domain name for your blog.
Let’s move forward to create your dream blog in 2021.

3. Choose a fast and smooth hosting

Choosing a hosting is the most important part to create a blog in 2021. You may be thinking to buy cheap hosting for your website.
In this section, I’ll be explaining the pros and cons of cheap and expensive hosting. Make sure you read it before you buy a hosting for your blog.

Cheap Hosting For Blog in 2020

This infographic explains why a blogger should avoid cheap hosting for their blog.
It’s always best to invest in the best hosting. You’ll get more benefits in the long run of your blogging websites.
These are the benefits of investing in the best hosting to blog in 2021:-
✔ Faster Page Loads
✔ Low Operating Costs
✔ Improves On-Page SEO

6 Benefits of investing in best hosting

Now, you have realized the significance of investing in fast and smooth hosting.
So, which is the best hosting for newbie bloggers?
The answer is A2 hosting.
A2 Hosting is the best hosting for newbie bloggers. I love their 24*7 technical support system to solve many of the technical issues on the blog.

There are four benefits of A2 hosting for my website:-
 ✅ Best technical support
 ✅ Reduced by bounce rates by 68%
 ✅ Increased my traffic 7x times
 ✅ Improved speed and performance
I’ll show you the improved percentage of my blog’s performance.

Without A2 hosting,

Tipz Today before A2 hosting

With A2 hosting !

Tipz Today after A2 hosting

The results are showing the performance of A2 hosting on my blog.
Let’s get our favorite A2 hosting up and running!
For that, we first need to create and setup A2 hosting for your dream blog.

Hosting a blog in 2020

Hit “Get Started” and select any one plan for your blog.

A2 Hosting plans

Once you have selected the plan, you need to type your domain name.

Hosting for a domain name

Click on continue and fill-up your required details.

A2 Hosting registration

Fill up your account details for hosting.

A2 Hosting personal details

Fill up your card details.

A2 Hosting payment details

Don’t forget to agree on the terms of services and click on the “Complete order” button.

A2 Hosting order completion

You’ll receive an email from A2 hosting about the nameservers of your blog.

That’s it! You are done with A2 hosting. Now, let’s set up your WordPress blog.

4. Set-up WordPress blogging website

I. First of all, you need to login to your A2 Hosting account and click on this cPanel button.

cPanel login

This will take you to your cPanel. Here, scroll down and select “WordPress A2 Optimized”.

II. The next step is to scroll down and hit the Install Now button.

WordPress Installation

III. You need to fill your site identity and admin credentials.

WordPress Installation Details

IV. Once you fill up these details, click on install to get started.

WP Installed

V. This may take 3-4 minutes. Please do not leave this page until the progress bar reaches 100%.

WordPress Installation Process

VI. Once installed, copy this URL and paste it in the new tab.

WordPress dashboard

VII. You need to fill up your login details before you log in to your WordPress dashboard.

VIII. You are done with the set-up of the WordPress blog.
Let’s move to the next step in creating a blog.

5. Select an APPEALING Theme for Blog
In this section, I’m going to show you how paid themes are effective for your blog. Yes! You heard it right. Paid themes! You need paid themes for serious blogging profession.

There are various WordPress blog themes to get started! You can also use free WordPress blog themes.

But, from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view starting from free blog theme is temporary good for your website.

As these themes are slightly heavy weight and may slow down your website. I suggest you invest in paid themes, which will help you boost your site’s speed and get most visitors to your website.

There are innumerable paid themes. Now, you may be thinking about which one to choose?
You can buy these three themes.
I have used these themes on my various blogs and it has a variety of features.

a. StudioPress
★ Fast website loading times
★ Extra emphasis on security
★ Responsive HTML5 design for mobile users
★ No bloat from excessive built-in features
★ Minimal customization options for a more streamlined user experience
★ Clean code that will appeal to the developer’s access to the search engine optimized Genesis Framework codebase.

b. GeneratePress
★ Optimized performance and fast page load times
★ Lots of customization options in the real-time WordPress customizer
★ Page-level settings give you detailed control over each piece of content
★ Pre-made starter sites make it easier to design your site
★ Other helpful premium extensions, plus a modular approach

c. Astra Pro
★ One of the fastest themes in my testing
★ Free demo sites
★ The flexible mega menu feature
★ Custom layouts & page header options
★ WooCommerce support

How To Install Theme For Your Blog?

Log in to your WordPress dashboard
Find Appearance on left black column
Click on “Themes”
Add new
Upload a theme
You are done!

This way you can install and activate a theme for your WordPress blog.
The next step is installing quality plugins to your blog. This will help you improve website speed and performance.

6. 10 Most Important For Your Blog

? Akismet anti-spam:- Prevents against spamming
→ Checks all comments and filters out those that appear as if spam.
→ Each comment features a status history. This will show the comments removed or marked as spam.
→ URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links.
→ Moderators can see the number of approved comments for every user.
→ A discard feature blocks the worst spam, saving you disc space and speeding up your site.

? AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP for WP adds Accelerated Mobile Pages functionality to your WordPress website. This makes your website fast for Mobile viewers.

→ NEW – Gutenberg Support
→NEW – Divi and Elementor Support
→NEW – Improved CSS Optimization (Tree Shaking)
→NEW – Google Fonts Support For All Designs
→NEW – Addthis Sharing Support
→NEW – AMP Infinite Scroll Support
→NEW – Photo Gallery by 10Web Support
→NEW – MEWE social network Support

? W3 Total Cache
It improves SEO and user experience of websites. This plugin boosts website performance and decrease load time. It uses content delivery network (CDN) to improve page speed.
→ Compatible with shared hosting, dedicated server, and clusters
→Transparent content delivery network (CDN) management with Media Library, theme file and WP itself
→Mobile support: respective caching of a page by referrer or group of user agent including theme switch for a group of referrer or user agent
→Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) supported
→Secure Socket Layer (SSL) supported
? Jetpack:-security & performance
→ Brute-force attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring.
→ Backups of your entire website once daily or in real-time.
→ Secure login, with optional two-factor authentication.
→ Malware scanning, code scanning, and automatic threat resolution.
→ A record of each change on the website to simplify troubleshooting.
→ Fast, priority support from WordPress experts

? Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images
→ Lossless Compression – Strip unused data without affecting the quality of an image
→ Lazy Load – Defer off-screen image with a flip of a switch
→ Bulk Smush – Optimize up to 50 images with one click
→ Image Resizing – Set a max width and height and enormous images will scale down as they’re being compressed
→ Incorrect Size Image Detection – Quickly locates image that is slowing down a website
→ Automated Optimization – Auto-smush attachments for super fast compression on upload
→ Unlimited & Free – Optimize all images up to 5MB in size forever

? Social Warfare – Social Sharing Plugin
This social sharing plugin help you get website traffic on the website. Social Media Marketing Experts built this plugin to boost social media performance.
You can choose between the highest social networks sharing buttons, including:
→ Facebook
→ Twitter
→ Google+
→ Pinterest
→ LinkedIn
→ Mix

? UpdraftPlus –Backup Plugin
→ Incremental backups
→ Easily duplicates or migrates websites (with Migrator)
→ Multisite/multi-network compatible
→ Backs up non-WP file and database to many remote destinations
→ More storage destinations (e.g. OneDrive, BackBlaze, Azure, SFTP) and many destinations
→ Database encryption
→ Advanced reporting
→ Supports WP-CLI
→ Free dedicated expert support

? Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan
→ Web Application Firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic. Built and maintained by an outsized team focused 100% on WordPress security.
→ Integrated malware scanner block requests that include malicious code or content.
→ Protection from the brute force attacks by limiting the login attempts.
→ Malware scanner checks for core file, theme, and plugin for malware, bad URLs, backdoor, SEO spam, malicious redirect and code injection.
→ Compares your core files, themes, and plugins within the repository. It checks their integrity and report any changes to you.
→ Repairs file that has changed by overwriting them with a pristine, original version. Deletes any file that doesn’t belong within the Wordfence interface.

→ It provides two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security to your WordPress dashboard.
→ Login Page CAPTCHA stops bots from logging in.
→ Disable or add 2FA to XML-RPC.
→ Block logins for administrators using known compromised passwords.
→ Wordfence Central may be a powerful and efficient thanks to managing the safety of multiple sites in one place.
→ Efficiently assess the safety status of all of your websites in one view. View detailed security findings without leaving Wordfence Central.
→ Free to use for unlimited sites.
→ With live website traffic, monitor visitors and hacking attempts not shown in other analytics packages in real-time; include origin, IP address, time of day and time spent on your websites.
→ Block attackers by IP or build advanced rules supported IP Range, Hostname, User Agent and Referrer.

? Yoast SEO
→ Tunes the engine of your website so you’ll specialize in creating great content.
→ Gives you cornerstone content and internal linking features to assist you in rank for the proper keywords with the proper pages.
→ Helps you manage your team’s WordPress SEO efforts: with our SEO roles, you’ll give colleagues access to specific sections of the Yoast SEO plugin.
→ Has a bulk editor so you’ll make large-scale edits to the titles and meta descriptions of your website.
→ Translates your content to structured data where possible to assist search engines to understand your website.
→ The SEO analysis: a useful tool to write down SEO-friendly texts with the proper (focus) keywords in mind.
→ The readability analysis: confirm that you simply are writing easy-to-digest, engaging content for both visitors and search engines.
→ Our snippet preview that shows you ways your post or page will look within the search results. Even on mobile!

7. How To Write A SEO Friendly Post?

It’s easy to write and publish articles on the blog. However, it is necessary to know some basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before you publish any post.
In this section, I’ll explain some tips to write SEO friendly post for your blog in 2021.

Log in to WordPress dashboard
Click on “Post”
Add new

Pick low difficulty keywords and use the Moz title tag to find the length of the title.

Moz Blog Title Tag

This way you can adjust the length of your blog’s title for better presentation on search engines.
I also suggest you add some images in your blog to explain concepts to your readers. This will make them comfortable to spend time reading from your blog.
Images also help to improve your search engine rankings.

social media visual learning

Visuals help humans to grab information faster than texts.

The next tip is to remove grammatical errors in the blog post. It is necessary because wrong grammar can change the meaning and lead to miscommunication.
I prefer Grammarly for checking grammar and improve the quality of my content.

Article Grammar check

These are some tips to write SEO friendly posts and improve your search engine rankings.
The last step before concluding this article, I’ll show some monetization opportunities through the blog.

8. Monetization Opportunities Through Blogging

Monetize with Ads
Bloggers usually make money by displaying ads on their site. There are two popular structure of ads that bloggers use:-
CPM ads:- cost per 1000 impressions(CPM) are ads that pay you a fixed amount according to how many views the ads get on your site
PPC/CPC ads:-pay per clicks or cost per click are the type of ads that pays you a fixed amount only if the viewer clicks on the ads.
A very popular ad network used is Google AdSense.
You can also other AdSense alternatives:-
-Amazon Native Shopping Ads.
-Sovrn // Commerce

Sell Private Ads
One can earn a decent amount of money with this method if the site has enough traffic, advertisers directly contact you or it can even go vice versa. The advantage of this method is that there is no middle man hence more profitable for bloggers.

Using Affiliate programs
Affiliate marketing is another great way to make money from your blog in this you can embed the affiliate link of the product in your blog if the viewer uses your affiliate link to buy the product you get a fixed commission.

Sell Digital Products
You can also earn handsome money with this method by selling products like:-
Apps, plugins, or themes or other software/programs
Commercial Images, video, or music people can use in their own professional work
Online courses/workshops

Paid Memberships
In this method, you can charge a fee for membership so that they can access exclusive information or personalized solutions.
Offering Service
You can offer your expertise in a field as a service and charge for it. For example, ranking a company’s website at 1st position of search engine.


Well Done! You have launched your dream blog in 2021. This is how you can create a blog in WordPress.
I recommend you to follow each step and launch the blog. This will help you create a blog error-free.

Any queries related to blogging, you can contact us.

How can I start a blog?

1. Niche selection
2. Choose a domain name
3. Buy a hosting
4. Set-up a WordPress website
5. Install effective plugins
6. Activate themes
7. Publish your first blog

How do bloggers get paid?

There are many ways to earn money from a blog like monetize with ads, sell private ads, using affiliate programs, etc.

How can I start a blog for free?

You can start a blog for free on Blogger. But, I personally don’t recommend to start for free. Rather, invest some amount so that you’ll get high returns in the future.


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