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Pinterest is one of the platforms for blogging. Pinterest bloggers are earning thousands of dollars through various marketing strategies.

However, there’s a myth that Pinterest is only for food and fashion bloggers.

Well, I don’t think so. As a marketing blogger, I have experienced rich traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest requires time to grow. But, once you take the speed, Pinterest can be a huge traffic source for you.

In this article, I’m going to explain Pinterest and getting high traffic from it.

Let’s get started.

1. What is Pinterest?

In simple terms, Pinterest is a social media platform for saving amazing information and growing your popularity.

According to Wikipedia, Pinterest has reached 300 monthly users in August 2019.

20% of social media users are using Pinterest. This isn’t a small figure because there are 7 billion social media users in the world.

Social Media Users In World

That means approximate 14 million people are using Pinterest.

Pinterest is all about pinning new information on your boards and growing your monthly unique viewers.

Pinterest was started in December 2009. Ben Silbermann, co-founder, and CEO of Pinterest said Pinterest had crossed more than 10,000 users in the initial period of the launch.

Pinterest is popular for sharing tons of information through infographics.

2.Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is mostly used by E-commerce businesses. The reason is that they grab high traffic to their website.

Also, there are chances of converting these visitors to customers.

You don’t require your content to grow monthly unique viewers.

Pinterest traffic

I have been using Pinterest for the last one month and I’m about to touch 10k visitors.

Pinterest helps for bloggers to grow their brand.

3. What makes Pinterest different?

The secret of Pinterest being popular is they display useful information to their users.

You can find almost in-depth information about your niche.

I have found the 4 most profitable niche are health, marketing, technology, and food. Pinterest had made it simple for bloggers to get high traffic to their website.

Top 4 blog niche

You can simply pin useful pin to your boards and eventually you’ll grow your community.

Pinterest also allows you to claim your website and social accounts. I’ll show in detail in the following article.

You can create your boards and invite other users to pin to your boards.

Using Pinterest for blogging can leverage you high profits in long-run.

This will help you grow your network and thereby increase your followers on Pinterest.

4. How to set up a Pinterest account?

Setting up a Pinterest account is easy. I’ll show you how to set up personal as well as a business account.

i)Setting a personal account

Visit Pinterest > Enter your email, password, and age.

Pinterest Personal Account

Pinterest provides an option to login through Google or Facebook.

Once you have created an account, you need to pick your language and country. Also, you need to pick 5 interests.

A personal account is easy and you can add your about and profile pic.

ii)Setting a business account

Setting a business account is similar to that of a personal account.

Pinterest Business Account

Once you create an account, you need to pick your language and country.

Pinterest account setup

Now, you need to select a business category from the drop-down menu.

Pinterest Business

You can select any category, which identifies your business. However, if you’re a newbie blogger, I recommend you select the Blogger category for your account.

You can also claim your website to grow more viewers through Pinterest.

Pinterest website

Connecting accounts is an important step for a blogger.

Pinterest social media

Pinterest has made simple for bloggers to connect their social accounts to their business profile.

I recommend you claim your accounts to your profile. This will help you get more engagement and visitors from Pinterest.

Another advantage of connecting accounts is, your viewers will trust your business and may turn to your customers.

The next step will be running ads on Pinterest. Well, this is an optional process. You can select as per your needs.

The last step is selecting your topics of interest and you’re done with your business account.

5. How to get 10K monthly unique viewers?

Making 10K monthly unique viewers is a great thing on Pinterest. You can easily make it. You simply need to follow these tips.

i)Content Marketing Strategy For Pinterest

Bloggers usually face problems to create fresh and unique content on the web and social media.

You need to save useful information on your boards. Also, you can upload your blog content on your profile.

Today’s business has created content ideas, which will boost your marketing campaigns.

Engaging Content Ideas

You can use these ideas to grow your blogs and grab traffic from Pinterest.

Also, I suggest you use infographics to convey your message to your viewers.

Pinterest bloggers are using infographics to share information about their blogs.

This is super Pinterest strategy for bloggers to gain more traffic.

a)Create boards

One of the common mistakes beginners do is, they pin all content on one board.

This will be difficult for your readers to identify the content and eventually they stop engaging with your profile.

Pinterest bloggers can be better at pinning and grow their viewers.

Flickr shows about pinning on Pinterest.

How To Be A Better Pinner

Describe your boards add a relevant title and description.

Try to pin rich content to your boards.

I also recommend you view and learn from each pin before pinning. This will increase your knowledge.

b)High-quality infographics

There are many tools available online to create your own amazing infographics.

6 Infographic Tools For Pinterest Bloggers

Infographics can help you gain high traffic to your website.

I have mentioned high-quality infographics. The reason is that you must convey quality information to your readers.

You need to add facts and your experience to it. This will create impact and people will implement their business through your content.

Before creating new infographics, you need to know some secrets of high engaging Pinterest infographics for bloggers.

You need to create the latest and trending infographic to rank on page 1 on Pinterest.

Pinterest Bloggers

Ubersuggest is a free tool to identify new and fresh content for your infographic.

You can type any keyword and you’ll get trending content ideas to create an informative infographic.

Here are 6 Formula to create perfect infographic to get high engagement.

You need to follow these tips to create high engaging traffic to your blog through Pinterest.

ii)Create a community

You can get lots of traffic from boards. It’s not enough to create your own boards, you must join other boards to increase your network.

You need to comment and participate in the community.

Here, word of mouth performs well. The more you’re going to share, the more you’ll get its benefits.

Participating in the community can grow your followers and monthly unique viewers.

iii)Pinning frequency

According to Neil Patel, you need to pin multiple times a day. You can pin your content. But, you can still pin the rich content to your boards.

However, I also recommend you pin between 10 to 30.

Over-pinning can lead to losing your presence on Pinterest.

Well, these were some of my tips to get 10k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest.

6.Pinterest vs Instagram

We have learned about Pinterest. But, most of the people are confused to promote their business on Instagram or Pinterest.

Well, this is up to your choice. I think for bloggers, Pinterest is a great place for promotion.

Pinterest bloggers are performing well and grabbing traffic to their website.

7.Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest allows you to analyze your audience. This is a free tool to measure your metrics.

Pinterest Analytics


These represent the number of times your content has been viewed by the audience.

If you have it more, then you have a great reach.

Total Audience:-

The total number of audience which has viewed and engaged with your content.


People who have viewed your image or a closer look. If you have high close-ups, then you have a great visual impact on your audience.


It measures the total number of shares or savings of your pins.


As the name suggests, it represents the total number of links, which have been clicked by your audience.


This was about Pinterest. These steps can gain high traffic to your blogs and commercial websites.

However, this article is a beginner’s guide. Still, there’s a lot more to come. You can even earn from Pinterest.

These are some Pinterest tips for bloggers to improve their brand equity.

Pinterest doesn’t pay you. Affiliate marketing plays a role here for Pinterest bloggers.

This guide will help you gain heavy monthly unique viewers and eventually grow your website.

How do bloggers use Pinterest?

1) Make a business account or convert if you have a personal account
2) Create boards of your niche
3) Pin relevant post to your niche
4) Post at least 3 times a day
5) Add blog website link in the description to drive traffic
6) Pin at least 5 to 10 times a day

How do I increase my blog traffic on Pinterest?

1) Pin at least 5 to 10 times a day
2) Verify the website on Pinterest
3) Create at least one board daily
4) Join groups relevant to your niche


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