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Looking for positive effects of social media? Social Media is one of the trending platforms today.

People are using social media and attracted towards it. There are positive effects of social media which can solve your day-to-day issues. Also, you must be aware of negative effects of social media.

People are growing their brand and building a reputation on social media.

The social media was started in the year 1978. Bulletin board system was launched and further each social apps were launched. This is the evolution of social media.

social media infographic

People are engaged in social media. Teenagers are spending most of their time learning and growing through social media.

Age groups of 12 to 34 years are engaging using various social media brands.

social media users

Now, you are aware of the power of social media. I will help you provide complete information on social media and its effects on society.

Let’s get started!

Top Social Media Apps

There are many social media apps. But, few are the best social apps that people use.

The impact of social networking sites is in both ways. That is, positively as well as negatively.

It is necessary as a digital marketer to know about the social media trends and get the most out of it to grow one’s own business to the next level.

Social media marketing helps to boost brand equity and get traffic to the website. You can design an attractive website so that these visitors will convert to your customers.

Also, there are various social media platforms to build a brand and boost your products and services by selling it to the right audiences.

People prefer using these apps to grow their brand, likes, followers and many more.

i) Facebook

Facebook is a social media app founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. This app connects with your friends online and you can chat and spend time with them.

It also allows you to connect with friends, which are far away from you and increase social contacts.

Facebook users are growing day-by-day.

These statistics show Facebook has more than 2 billion users in the world.

Social media user stats

Benefits of Facebook:-

Facebook is used to grow your brand and boost your business.

  • Connecting to new friends will increase your social connections
  • Creating a Facebook page and running it can increase your personal brand
  • Creating and joining various Facebook groups to interact with people
  • Run ads on Facebook to get more engagements on your profile

These were some benefits of Facebook. Young generation are using the power of Facebook to grow their personal brand.

ii) Instagram

Instagram is one of the favorite platforms of teenagers. Even I love to be active on Instagram.

Pictures with high-quality tend to perform more faster on Instagram.

People use various hashtags to stay on top of the feed.

Instagram stories play a major role to increase profile engagements.

iii) YouTube

YouTube is the fastest growing social media platform. It is observed that people spend at least 20 to 40 minutes learning from YouTube.

People are starting YouTube channel and showcasing their talent to grow their brand.

There are educational videos on YouTube. Even I learn blogging and entrepreneurship from YouTube.

Positive Effects Of Social Media

The technology is changing every day and things are turning easier than before.

Social Media helps to make things easier to spread and get more reach to our activities. These are some positive effects of social media on society.

i) Teenagers are aware of new technologies

Social media is a wide platform to gain new knowledge. Also, people are sharing new updates and technologies on social media.

You can learn through sources like blogs, videos, etc.
Blogging is a great platform to present the latest updates in technologies.

You can learn through sources like blogs, videos, etc.
Blogging is a great platform to present the latest updates in technologies. This is a positive effect of social media on young generation.

ii) Create a personal brand

Social media has the highest reach to promote your personal brand. Today, there are more than 2 billion social media users in the world. Social media apps help to showcase your talents. I have seen many influencers teaching new things to their audiences.

Nowadays, Instagram’s feature called IGTV helps to promote the brand.

IGTV Instagram

These are some features of IGTV to grow your brand.

iii) Teachers can use to teach students

We have seen that students are not interested in learning through books. Teachers can search for videos to explain a specific concept to students.

These tactics can help them learn even faster and easier.

social media visual learning

Researchers have found that people tend to learn more quickly through visuals than any other media.

iv) Working professionals can learn new skills

Social media helps to learn new skills for the job or business. Work skills help learners to scale more knowledge and experience in their work.

v) Social media helps to increase social contacts

You can connect to people worldwide with help of social media. You can also increase social connections. These social connections can help you gain more popularity for your posts. It can help you get more engagement.

Also, many people working online can connect you and ask for collaboration. It is a great opportunity to gain experience from social media and earn a living.

vi) Social media can help to work from home

There are many platforms available today to earn money online. You can work from home, complete tasks and earn a living through it.

I will elaborate on this. You can promote online products on different social media platforms to earn a living.

This is also called affiliate marketing. Some of the popular platforms to earn a living are CJ Affiliate, MaxBounty, etc.

CJ affiliate

These are popular platforms to promote products on social media and earn a living. Also, you can start freelancing working from home.

There are many opportunities like digital marketing, content writing, data entry jobs, etc. which will help you work from your home and make passive income.

vii) Social media helps to connect old friends

Social media helps to reach out to our old friends. Popular social media platforms like Facebook helps to connect many people.

It is useful when they are far away. Friendships are not faded away and you can still stay in touch with them.

Social media has many advantages for us and you can make use of it.

viii) Social media helps to motivate the young generation

The young generation and working professionals face various mental problems. This make them feel unhappy and loss of energy.

Many influencers online are helping people to motivate them. So that, they can work with full valor to accomplish their life goals.

Also, there are many quotes available online to inspire ourselves.

One of the popular social media is YourQuote, which provides you platform to motivate people and learn from others.


You can write inspirational quotes for readers and provide them more value through your writings.

ix) Students can connect recruiters through social media

Many students can search for a job on social media.

Students can add their resume and experiences, which will help recruiters to stay in touch with you and provide an opportunity to work with their organization.

Popular social media is LinkedIn, which helps to connect students, working professionals to recruiters and get a job opportunity.

linkedin skills

You can add skills and experiences to make your profile stronger for easy connections.

x) Social media helps to connect like-minded people

You can connect many people on social media of your interests. This helps you to know about any events related to your industry.

Also, there are various social media groups that are providing value to people in your industry.

Homophily is the concept where people are attracted to similar interests or traits.

homophily in social media

This concept also plays a role in social media while connecting new people.

xi) Social media can help you start an online business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tough game for new online start-ups.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) plays a vital role to gain website traffic and boost brand equity.

Social media marketing infographic

Here are 10 things you must do to get traffic on online business.

Social media helps to gain popularity and results are quicker than SEO. SEO is important for online business. But, social media has the power to gain fast visitors for your website.

xii) Social awareness is easy with the help of social media

Social media is a helpful platform to spread awareness in society.

People are leveraging the power of social media to aware society about social issues or initiatives.

Teenagers involve in social campaigns. They use social media to spread awareness in the society.

One of the popular social media for spreading awareness at skyrocket speed is Twitter.

social awareness

Twitter hashtags are popular sources to create social awareness.

Many influencers including teenagers are using social media to spread awareness.

This helps them to boost their personality and gain leadership skills. Social media has vast positive effects on society. Due to this, things are much easier and achievable.
These are some benefits of social media to solve our day-to-day issues.

Negative effects of social media

I have explained the positive effects of social media. Now, there are few negative effects of social media, which affects our work.

i) Productive time is wasted

We have heard the famous quote “Time Is Money.” This is a crucial fact that affect the use of social media.

Although social media has solved our issues. But, overusing it can eat our productive time.

social media negative effects

Working professionals are busy checking their social media posts during their work. This affects their results and people face stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

ii) Cyber-Crimes

Cyber-crimes are rising day-by-day. Criminals are stealing your personal information and misusing it.

cybersecurity infographic

This is also a negative effect on social media. People are misusing it to steal personal information, credit cards, etc. with the help of social media.

iii) Social media addiction

Social media users are all over the world. Few people are addicted to it.

Addiction problems are seen between 18 to 35 years of age.

All addictions are related to human psychology.

social media addiction

These are happy brain chemicals, which rules human psychology. Every time when these chemicals are released, we feel pleasure.

Social media addicted people act according to this fact. Every time they check their apps, happy brain chemicals are released and this forms a habit.


You are aware of the positive effects of social media and you can leverage the power of social media for your work.

It is necessary to know about the negative effects of social media. But, you can make a living from social media. You can connect with your friends and relatives.

I have been active on social media and running my blog and online business.

Social media users are rising day-by-day and it is a great chance to make social contacts for personal branding.

What are positive effects of social media?

1. Aware of new technologies
2. Start an online business
3. Learn soft skills
4. Help to connect old friends
5. And many more

What are negative effects of social media?

Waste of productive time, addiction, cyber-bullying, etc.

How social media is useful for young generation?

Students can clear their complicated concepts with help of pictures, videos, etc. Young generation can create social awareness in society.


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