Struggling to write amazing content in less time?

You have landed at the right place. I, say, it is not tough to write amazing content. You may be knowing that it is really tough to get attractive content to attract users to your website.

Well, you don’t need to worry! You can definitely improve!

Even some days back, I was struggling to write good content in less time. I was feeling tough to deliver the content which my users eagerly wanted.

Now, I’m feeling confident about delivering awesome and valuable content to my audience.

You may be wondering, HOW?

I invested my earnings in “The Content Rulebook”. 

Yes! You heard it right! The Content Rulebook By Ankit Singla!

My Mentor, My Guide, My Favourite Writer!

The Content Rulebook Cover
Image Source: The Content Rulebook

This e-book written by Master Blogger Ankit Singla changed and transformed my life into a mind-blowing blogger.

I can write any content at any time. This book helped me to achieve my blogging and content writing goals in SHORT TIME!

There are many amazing and outstanding methods discussed by Ankit Singla which will help you deliver good content to attract more users to your website or blog.

In this review, I’m going to share a few techniques in this book which helped me to write 2000+ words content in a DAY.

Before starting, I will say, this book is for those who are currently:

  • Disappointed to stay positive and focused to deliver good content
  • Have low confidence in content writing
  • Cannot manage time to write lengthy content in a day

If you are facing such problems, then I highly recommend The Content Rulebook to turn your writing and blogging journey into a successful career.

What Is The Content Rulebook?

As I have explained earlier, this book can help you stay focused and achieve the content writing goals in your blogging career.

The Content Rulebook Review

Image Source: Master Blogging Site

Also, if this book is for those who can practice the rules guided by Ankit Singla and make your blogging journey profitable and successful.

Who Is The Author? 

I have even mentioned earlier, the author is Ankit Singla.

Ankit Singla
Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla, a professional blogger, working from the last 10 years in the field of blogging. He has a ton of knowledge and experience in blogging.

Ankit Singla, founder of Master Blogging, a platform where he teaches people to get tons of targeted traffic which will love your content.

He also helps you earn an income through your blog by not working too hard, but working SMART!

The Content Rulebook Review

I, personally, was struggling to deliver an amazing piece of content for my audience. I hadn’t a targeted audience. I was literally frustrated regarding content writing for my blog.

I’m a follower of Ankit Singla and I got to know about The Content Rulebook. 

This is the graph of the engaged audience when I applied strategies of The Content Rulebook

Engaged Audience Graph

I invested in this book, learned, and practiced those strategies. Now, I confidently say that I can deliver a good piece of content for my audience and earn a handful of income through it.

I recommend this book to you and I assure that you will definitely improve your engagements.

3 Rules That Doubled My Writing Speed

There are 21 different rules discussed in The Content Rulebook. I applied each and every rule to improve my content. 

I’m amazed by these 3 rules which helped me to double my writing speed by reducing no value.

Learn to type faster

This rule is awesome and you can improve your typing speed. Practicing this method, again and again, I learned to write 2000+ words articles in a day.

Learn To Type Faster

Image Source: The Content Rulebook

This rule helped me to reduce my typing errors and grammatical errors.

RUE Rule

As I mentioned earlier, there are 21 methods in this book to improve your writing.

RUE rule helped me to get in-depth content for my users which helped me get more engagements in less time.

I also learned to improve my old articles and get maximum traffic to my blog. I know it is difficult to produce engaging content for visitors. But, this book helped me to transform my underperforming blog to a super performing blog.

PEN Rule

This rule is especially useful to write in-depth and lengthy content. Lengthy content helps users to get more value from your blog. It also helps to improve your SEO.

This rule also helps to draw more value to your audience through lengthy articles. I learned to explain each concept in my blog through texts, images, infographics, etc.

These are 3 rules which helped me to gain writing skills. There are 21 rules in The Content Rulebook which can help you make a PRO in content writing and blogging.

High Price. But, High Value!

You may be wondering why the price is so HIGH!

I will recommend you to invest more and get more value. This book is released now and the prices can rise even higher!

It will be better if you can get more value at this price. I, personally, invested in The Content Rulebook and today, I feel happier than I invested in the right book which helped me to gain professional skills at a low cost!

Never go with an empty hand!

I hope I have almost covered each and every point about The Content Rulebook in this article. Before finishing, I recommend this book if you are thirsty to gain writing skills and want to be a successful blogger, then definitely you need to invest in The Content Rulebook!