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Everything starts with an idea. The world of website creation surrounds itself with a wide range of topics with enormous possibilities at your fingertips.

It is not necessarily needed that you have to find the idea that fits into the guidelines.

Coming up with a good website idea is not an easy task, and there is no magic formula to find the perfect idea.

There are so many people that dive into random projects, and ends up achieving nothing. By doing thorough research, framing plans, making strategies is must.

To help you get started, here are some website ideas and suggestions for your inspiration.

What is a website?

One of the most common reason for everyone looking around the internet is the abundance of information it loaded with.

A website is nothing but the collection of web pages including text, images, multimedia files, etc. which are grouped together to form a single entity that is website.

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With the help of programming languages like HTML, PHP, the data contained in the websites is organized and made accessible to the public.

Generally, people look at websites for two reasons, either to find the information or to complete the task.

The most important thing to remember while creating a website is that you are creating a website for your visitors, so it contains the content or information that is needed by them and also make sure that it is organised in a proper way to make sense to the audience.

During the creation of a website for your business, you must ensure that it functions well, looks good and helps in bringing the business you desire.

Why business needs website?

To get your brand succeed, it is very important to have a website. To compete in today’s competitive world, a strong online presence is must.

Even if you are running a local business regardless of your geographical area, the first and most essential component is your company’s website.

There are very less and inexpensive restrictions to entry and a massive opportunity to help grow your business.

It also allows you to reach large number of audience and also provides you the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors. If you want your business to be more successful, designing a website must be your first priority.

So, here are some few points that explains you the importance of having a website for your business.

Importance of Website in 2021 and beyond
  • It will attract more customers to your business – Almost 80% people search a business or service online before making any purchase.

So, if you don’t have online presence for your business, you will lose this share of the market.

In this competitive market, you need strong online presence because this is where your customers are searching.

  • It can help you build credibility – When it comes to inducing customers to buy something, first impression is very important and websites allows you to make a good impression with a well-designed introduction to your business.

It provides enormous number of tools for your business to stand out in a crowd. It helps you to showcase your expertise in front of your audience.

  • It’s a cost effective marketing – You don’t really need to worry about costs and expenses, as many web development companies have very easy and quick sign up process.

Websites can be very cost effective and it provides much better return on investments than any other form of advertising. It will help you to drive new customers to your business and building your brand.

  • Your website stays open 24×7 – Unlike your offline business, which you can’t operate after hours, your website stays open 24 every day.

This means that you can interact with your customers even when your staff is not working. A website acts as an always-on business even outside of office hours.

When you are not working, your website will work for you. It will even allow customers to make purchases or submit orders.

In your absence, your website will provide necessary information about your business and serve as a point of contact.

  • It can help your business to grow – If you want your business to grow, it’s very important your business have a footprint online.

It not only helps you to stay competitive, but also helps you to grow your business. Creating a website to expand your business could be a great strategy to make.

Surveys on businesses who have experimented with launching a website, reports being happy with their success and growth. It’s easy to make your business better, just get a website.

100+ Website Ideas To Make Money In 2021 & Beyond

Web development is an ever evolving industry. You cannot expect to make it big with the same old ideas.

To help you get started, here are 100+ creative website ideas through which you can build your online presence and earn money.

  •  Fashion website – Creating your own unique fashion brands and selling products online is one of the best website idea.
  • Stock trading website – If you have interest in stock market and trading then you should start providing services through your website and start earning money.
  • Advertising business – There are various advertising platforms which are waiting for you to explore the earning opportunities.
  •  Your company website – If you already have physical presence of your business, create online presence too and attract more customers.
  •  Wedding website – Dedicate a blog to you and your loved one with photos and videos.
  •  Online marketing – Make a site to market your products online.
  • Restaurant website – Share images of your food to promote it online.
  •  Photography website – Dedicate a site to showcase your photography skills.
  • Music website – Start spreading about musical talents.
  • Nutrition website – Share the best nutritious products which are good for health and fitness.
  • Resume website – Teach your audience, how to make your CV or resume more attractive.
  • Self- Help website – Make a website and share thoughts about self-improvement to become a better version of yourself.
  1. Counselling website – Counsel your audience through your website.
  • Beauty website – Create a website about best beauty and skin care products.
  • Non-profit website – Make a website to help others and not for profit purpose.
  • Influencers website – Influence your readers with your content.
  • Online writers blog – Share your original writings through your blog.
  • Finance management website – Teach your audience how to manage finance and let it grow in itself
  • Project management website – Share your tactics to manage projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Shopping website – Update your audience about new fashion trends.
  • Singing blog – Market your singing skills through your website.
  • Gym training website – Sell fitness equipment and gadgets by creating a website.
  • Novel blog – Let people know about must read novels through your website.
  • Spiritual blog – Create a blog and motivate people through spiritual learning.
  • Hiking blog – Capture the excitement of hiking and share your experiences on your website.
  • Poems blog – Share your original poems through your blog.
  • Personal blog – Share anything about you and the things you like.
  • Travel blog – Make videos, images about best places that you travelled and share them on your blog.
  • Dancing blog – Talk about dancing and upload videos on your site.
  • Ideas blog –  Make a platform to exchange new ideas through your website.
  • Movie website – Update your readers about new and upcoming movies, their reviews and ratings.
  • Online gaming website – Upload videos of your favourite games and gather some following.
  • Investment consulting – Share about the best and profitable investments and funds on your website.
  • Event management website – Provide details and information about your event management business and promote it online.
  • Confession website – Allow users to make confessions online.
  • Charity website –  Make a website to collect charity and donations for a good purpose.
  • Money making website – Share tips on how to make money online.
  • Sports website – Create a website and everything you love about sports.
  • Cleaning services website – Tell people about the services you provide via your website.
  • Repairs website – Promote your repairs business online and get more customers.
  • Gifts shop – Sell your gifts online with the help of your website.
  • Food website – Eat different types of food and share reviews on your site.
  • Career guides website – Teach others how to be a professional in a field.
  • Art website – Sell your paintings and art on your website.
  • Singing lessons – provide singing lessons on your website.
  • Learn a language – Learn a new language and share your opinion to help others in the learning process.
  • Online learning website – Make a website for online learning.
  • Survey business – Take surveys in behalf of various online business.
  • Tuition help website – Provide information about tuitions and coaching.
  • Second hand products – Sell second hand products on your website.
  • Ecommerce website – Make a website for online trading.
  • Law firm website – Provide legal services through your website.
  • Meditation website – Create your own meditation podcast and share tips to a better mind.
  • Reviews website – Make a website to review certain products or items.
  • Entrepreneurship website – Share the qualities and mind set of entrepreneurs.
  • Freelancing website – Make your website an intermediate between freelancers and businesses.
  • Quizzes website – Share quizzes and mind games with your audience.
  • Leadership website- Teach your readers how to become a leader.
  • Quotes website – Create your own inspirational quotes and share them on social media.
  • Life hacker website – Share unique life hacks on your website to attract more audience.
  • Statistics website – While creating this website, you need to focus that your posts and blogs contain more infographics and
  • Film website –  Share your opinions about best movies, their ratings and reviews.
  • Theatre website – Create a website about theatre things and let your audience get to know about it.
  • Memorial website – Creating a memorial website can be a great way to
  • Animals website – Upload images of animals that you love.
  • Tourism website – Create a website and tell your audience about the best tourist spots and guides.
  • . Community website – Creating a community website helps your neighbourhood to get updated about local events.
  • . DIY website – Teach people how to create awesome decorations, cool accessories, or something like that.
  • . Party decoration website – Share best items to decorate your party and how to make it look awesome.
  • . Local history website – Creating this website, tells your audience about past of the places, things and their history.
  • . Gastro website – This website allows your audience to stay aware about the restaurant and cafes appear in the region.
  • . Interview website – Teach your audience about how to behave and interact in an interview to get their dream job.
  • . Fan club website – Create a community for like-minded individuals to share memes, latest news and different kinds of information.
  • . Analytics website – This is a good idea for people who like to work with data.
  • . IT development website – Create a website to update your audience about IT sector and it’s development.
  • . Translator website – You can create a website that connects customers and translators for an easy and direct communication.
  • . Love & romance website – Share romantic posts, images and videos to create an environment full of love.
  • Makeup website – Make makeup videos, click pictures and them.
  • Celebrity website – Dedicate a blog on a certain celebrity, follow them and blog about it.
  • Humour website – Share best funny posts and stories to entertain your readers.
  • Weight loss website – Create a website and share some tips on how to lose weight.
  • . Biking website – Tell your audience about the best bikes, their accessories and reviews.
  •  Block chain website – Provide information about block chain and its concept.
  •  Fan fiction / cosplay website – Write stories of your favourite movies, series or novels.
  •  Case study website – Make a website and share case study to help your readers learn something new.
  •  Infographic website – Tell your audience about the best infographic available.
  •  Get rich quick website – Share some tips on how to make money and get rich quick.
  •  Frugal website – Show them how to get rich by not buying anything.
  •  Niche website – In this you have to choose a particular topic and write about it every day.
  •  Dream interpretation website – Let others submit their dreams so that you can interpret them.
  •  Adventure website – Stare your adventurous experiences on your website.
  •  Truth & dare website – Give different situations to your readers and know what they choose.
  •  Cheat sheet website –  Tell your audience about how to clear an example.
  •  Company’s history website – Provide information about your company’s history.
  •  Trouble shooting website – Help others trouble shooting their issues.
  •  What would you do website – Create hypothetical situations and ask questions to your readers.
  •  Meme site – Collect images of memes and share them on your blog.
  •  How to gain weight website – Create a website about gaining weight and helping people to do the same.
  • New ideas blog – Write new and creative ideas and also allow people to share their views about it.
  • Choose your destiny blog – Create a blog where you can give a complete different approach to the readers about life and destiny.
  • Save the world website – Make a website and write about world peace and saving the world.

How to build a website?

In this era, anyone can create and design a website without having any knowledge about web development, design or coding.

All you need is 1-2 hours if free time for completing the procedure to set up a website.

This step by step guide will help you to build your website from scratch without hiring any web developers or agencies.

Pick a website idea

Coming up with a great website idea can be difficult. Earning money on website is a dream for a lot of people. Picking up the best idea that can actually make you money can be a challenging task.

There are many ideas that can be a source for monetization, that we have already discussed above.

So website ideas are more expensive, whereas others require more time and some require equal investment in both the areas. You need to pick the idea that will best for your business.

Choose an attractive domain

Your domain name is the part of your site’s URL, address or its name by which your site will be known by your visitors.

You should pick up the best and attractive domain name for your business because that will be easy for the audience to remember.

It’s always a good idea having your business name in your domain. Your domain name will also contribute in branding your website so, it is very important part of building a website.

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 Buy a smooth running hosting

Once you have chosen a good domain name for your website, a hosting service provider will be your next call.

A web hosting company is the company which stores all the content of your website and make it accessible to the visitors.

You have to pay an annual fee to the hosting service provider. Make sure that the hosting plan you have chosen is reliable and has the capacity to handle your website audience.

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Set up a website

Developing a website isn’t as complicated as it seems. After following the whole process, it’s time to upload some content or information, and start building an audience to your website.

The best way to create good content is to use an effective keyword research tool. It offers keyword suggestions that you can use your write articles.

The hardest part is always starting the process, but once you have started, there’s no looking back.


That’s all! I hope you liked all website ideas. These 100 ideas will definitely help you start a website. I have also shown you to build a website. Make sure you follow the process while building the website.

If I haven’t covered any idea, please feel free to drop your idea in the comment section below.

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